Dear quarantiners

No glum faces any more! Here we share with you an awesome list of Single player games to take you through this quarantine time like a breeze, along with building some talent as well!


  1. BRAINVITA – This game of marbles which I am sure many of you must have played in your childhood is now readily available by the name Brainvita and is still one of the best single player games.
  2. EXIT : THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND – A board game which essentially encapsulates the escape-room experience and makes it playable at home with only a pair of scissors and some paper and pens for notes. In this one, you will have to solve riddles to escape an island. One game can only be played once but there are so far 15 or so games to get on with.
  3. CHRONICLES OF CRIME – Thiswas the 2019 winner in the American tabletop Awards Strategy category. As the name suggests, it’s a crime-solving game, but to do so, you have to use your phone to scan cards and gather clues before finding the culprit, which is a lot of fun. Available on Amazon.
  4. BOGGLE – A fun word searching game that can be played single player too to beat your own score.
  5. RUBIK’S CUBE – As daunting as it may sound, its actually not that bad. All you need is a quick You Tube tutorial and then just lots and lots of practice and gaming fun to beat your best time. A major thing ticked off my bucket list this month.
  6. SOLITAIRE – The classic single player game of cards that can be played with an actual deck of cards too instead of online.


  1. MANDALA ART – An art buff or not, Mandala art is whats in vogue these days. Who says you have to make the most perfect and complicated designs. A simple mandala to start with can really help you calm and channelise your emotions. Check out the the online classes taken by @thegrapgpalette on Instagram for some inspiration.
  2. YOUSICIAN – If you are into music at all or have ever dreamed of learning to play a guitar. This app is amazing to get you started! Yes, for absolute beginners like you and me with no experience of even holding a guitar.
  3. MAKE YOUR PICTURE ALBUM – Nothing beats a beautifully made picture album with small notes of your memories and experiences to go with the pictures. Use this time to relive those beautiful memories along with creation a lifelong book of remembrance.
  4. 1000 PIECE PUZZLE – How about attempting a 1000 piece puzzle or a 500 one? Can easily take you through your 14 day quarantine period and also leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment at the end too.
  5. IQ BOOKS – If reading is not really your cup of tea, solving some IQ books might be? A great way to exercise your brain along with keeping all negativity at bay.
  6. WRITE – How about indulging in some care free writing? Keeping a log of your quarantine period or writing a story perhaps or maybe just sketching the characters of a picture book? I do know many people who have used this quarantine time to turn themselves into authors.
  7. CROCHETING OR KNITTING – As cliche as it may sound, it can be a great pass time and you end up with a great piece of wearable too. How about a crochet face mask?

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