Now, this is a novel one! I thought why not give you all a good laugh. Most of us have grown up playing pranks on our brothers and sisters. So, how about teaming up with your little one this time to take down any member of the family?

But first, some TIPS. To be a successful prankster, you need to choose your victim wisely. A good choice would be a person with the following characterstics:

  1. A person who follows a routine (So that you can prankify items in their routine)
  2. Not extremely observant (So that your prank doesn’t get easily spotted)
  3. Is open to some harmless humour (So that you don’t end up getting told off just for some laughs)

Now for the PRANKS!

  1. DOUBLE TAPE ATTACK : Take a nice big piece of double tape and stick it underneath the item of their daily use. Such as slippers, cream bottles, their glass of water etc. And watch them struggle to lift up their slippers! Be generous in using the tape.
  2. CHANGE-A-LING : Switch drawers of any item of their daily use. Such as socks, pants or underwears! lol! Simply move them to another distant drawer and watch them run around in utter panic.
  3. CREEPY CRAWLIES – Most people find lizards and cockroaches extremely repulsive. Cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a lizard and colour it all black. Take a piece of scotch tape and stick the paper lizard on the inside of a lampshade or bedside light of your victim. Watch them get the creeps when they switch on the light and think its the shadow of a lizard slithering inside their lamp. You can also print out some creepy crawlies, cut them out and put them on the towel or a book your victim reads.
  4. FROZEN CEREAL – Take a bowl and add some fruit loops and milk and put a spoon inside. Put the bowl in the freezer with the spoon overnight. In the morning offer the frozen dessert and watch your victim struggle to lift up the spoon off a simple bowl of cereal.
  5. BAMBOOZLED BEVERAGES – Mix a glass of water with a choice of food colour to turn it into the victim’s favourite drink. Eg. Orange food colour for orange juice. Serve in a nice glass. For some extra laughs, add a few drops of garlic juice or onion juice.

These are just a few tried and tested ones to start with. After this, your imagination is the limit! Good Luck!

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DISCLAIMER : To be undertaken at your own risk! LOL!

Laugh, enjoy, have some fun!

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