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Home schooling is the new way forward. At least, for the next few more months for sure. I know you are getting tired of being a mother and a teacher. How can you be expected to be suddenly awesome at playing both the parts perfectly? In fact, even playing one for anyone is a challenge. Work is mounting, new concepts are being unplugged quickly, but your energy is sapping daily. What to do?

Well, its time to change course. Meaning, try a new approach! Because, believe it or not, your poor kid is probably even more frustrated than you right now. So here’s a line of new guns you can use to try to get yourself through this daily battle.

  1. ROLE PLAY – This works brilliantly for the young ones and I enjoy it so much too! Me and my daughter open up a mermaid school everyday in which I am her ‘mer-teacher’ Miss Marmalade and she is a little mermaid called Teeny Weeny. Miss Marmalade not only assists her with school work but also takes up subjects like pretend floor swimming, story book reading and crazy hopping popping class! Boys might like a super hero class in which they have to finish an assignment to rescue a crying baby from the top of a building. The lesson to be learnt is, that they will only do what YOU like as long as you too show interest in what THEY like!
  2. TAKE A REFRESHMENT BREAK – Even the cricketers on the field need a drinks break. Your kids need to recharge as well. Taking a drinks or a snack break at the right time, just when the frustration is building up, can really help.
  3. TAKE THEM OFF GUARD – Kids love to be surprised! Suddenly stop them in the middle of their work and ask them do something crazy that you would never ever ask them to do otherwise. Such as jump on the bed or lie down on the floor or even do crazy dance with them just to ease out the tension! See how suddenly their faces will light up and all that lost energy will come roaring back.
  4. NEW STATIONARY – Who doesn’t like to write with a new pencil or ‘rub a dub’ with a new rubber or scribble away with a smooth new pen? Now and then, some form of newness always helps.
  5. INCLUDE FUN TASKS OR EXPERIMENTS – A practical approach not only grabs a child’s interest but also ensures a more thorough learning. For eg. If the topic for today is measurement, make a list of things for them to measure including their father’s leg, their sister’s waist or their grandpa’s walking stick. Add some laughs by asking them to measure their grandma’s mole!
  6. DO NOT THREATEN! – Refrain from this useless practice as much as possible. It is only going to drive them away from the job at hand. Instead, sympathise. Tell them that you understand how boring or difficult it is and you used to find it hard too when you were young. But you are sure that your kid is much smarter than you and they’ll manage surely.
  7. IGNORE POOR BEHAVIOUR – Parents always end up making sure the child knows how disappointed they are in their work. Put yourself in their place. If I repeatedly tell you how poor and pathetic you are at cooking pasta, how would you feel about trying to make pasta again? Learn to empathise instead of criticise.
  8. NEW FORM OF REWARDS – I am sure many of you encourage them by giving them stars or smileys on their work. How about giving fairy or flower stickers or Spiderman and Hulk ones? Or painting a tattoo?

The list does not end here! Believe me, if you just take a moment, you will have even more ideas as to what to do. Because no one knows your child better than you do! Work on YOUR attitude and approach, the child will just follow…

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