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Most of us are staying home now due to quarantines, cancelled school, scrapped travel plans, called off get togethers etc. We know its tough, but instead of moaning, how about we use this time as an OPPORTUNITY to teach our kids some amazing skills that we could never find the time to do otherwise.

Here’s a wonderful list to begin with…


  • This is a great weather to be outdoors and kids love to get dirty. Thus, perfect time to practice gardening. There are many gardening sets available online to kick start their interest like the above.
  • This is also a great hobby to teach kids the essential virtues of caring, loving, being humble and happiness.


  • Star gazing and learning about the night sky can be quite an enchanting experience. If you don’t have a telescope, you can simply use an app such as STAR WALK on your phone and learn about constellations and positions of the stars.
  • Doing it regularly can greatly improve the understanding on this subject.
  • With no early school mornings, how about turning it into a camping night by coupling it with some home made pizzas, pop corn and juices!


  • Older kids can utilise hours if they develop interest in this hobby.
  • For younger kids, you can buy above prick free needle embroidery sets and have them work on it for some time every day.


  • These activities are a fun way to occupy kids for some time everyday.


  • Depending on the age of your kid, cook with them!
  • Teach them some simple recipes which they can repeat themselves and educate them about basic kitchen etiquettes and ingredients.
  • This is also a good way to teach kids about benefits of eating healthy home made food.
  • For younger kids, let them add the masalas in the dal or serve roti and papad at dinner table. Dint you always enjoy doing that too when you were young?


  • For the inquisitive ones, try some fun experiments at home such as invisible ink making, bubble solution making, volcano burst etc.


  • How about staging a short play for the family at dinner time on their favourite stories? Sounds fun. Doesn’t it?
  • Utilise the day making the props and masks for the same and practicing some simple dialogues.


Open up your old albums or pull up videos of your wedding to enjoy some quality family time together.


  • Dedicate one hour everyday to brush up on previously learnt concepts, practicing weak subjects or learning new concepts which you couldn’t do earlier due to lack of time.
  • With delayed school opening, there is obviously going to be an extra pressure on teachers to finish the dedicated syllabus in time. A head start can help the kids to cope up better.


  • Yes, your children should learn to make their own bed.
  • Practice dusting their room everyday.
  • Lay the dinner table every evening.
  • Fold their clothes and maintain their cupboards.
  • Wash their own under garments.
  • Polish or clean their shoes.
  • Stack their toys and books neatly.

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