Kids go to school to develop their mental muscles. Play sports to develop their physical muscles. The Spiritual gym is a new concept started by RAKHI OSWAL to help the children develop their spiritual muscles.

This transformational workshop enables them to join the dots between Science & Spirituality, with the aim to give them clarity about the purpose of life and develop a growth mindset. It aims to awaken their real Superhero Powers and develop an attitude of gratitude, love, empathy, kindness & compassion towards others.

Some crucial goals and issues addressed during the workshop include :

  • Setting right beliefs to tap the inner power
  • Understanding some Universal laws and learning how to apply them on the physical plane
  • Laws of attraction
  • Karma
  • Community building
  • Replace competition with collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Respecting differences & appreciating strengths
  • Breathing
  • Meditation


“I am passionate to share with our kids some exciting life practices and methods that I’ve learned from my travel escapades. My journey around the globe has included attending some of the most prestigious personal development workshops, events, book readings and spiritual retreats; learning from the teachings of top American life coach, Tony Robbins, global spiritual leader Master Stephen Co and Mindvalley; spiritual practice of Pranic Healing and watching these lessons change the lives of my kids and my family.”

“We all know that our children are under a lot of pressure to reach high goals and academic achievements, so I believe in the power of teaching them mindfulness techniques to help them regulate and channelize their emotions and thought patterns, thereby reducing stress.”


👉🏻 8 Day Mind Mastery Programme
👉🏻 3 Themes – Power is within you/Secrets of the Universe/Building strong character traits
👉🏻 Audio-Visual training
👉🏻 Team activities
👉🏻 1 Community work – Gurudwara service
👉🏻 Total 8 sessions, 2-3 hrs each – 6 learning sessions, 2 movie sessions to embed the concepts learnt


👉🏻 Workshop Schedule : December 18th – 25th, 2019
» 2 Hrs, Evening on weekdays
» 3 Hrs, Mornings on weekends
👉🏻 Workshop Venue: Oswal Villa 534, College Road, Ludhiana, Punjab


Phone and Email : 9814181818,
Follow : #spiritualgymforkids

✅ Register asap with a price of INR 20,000

» Pay by Cash/Cheque/RTGS
» Cash payments can be sent at the above address with child’s & mother’s name on the envelope

Name of Account Holder : RAKHI OSWAL
Bank Account No : 002390700005544
IFS Code : YESB0000023
Bank Name : YES Bank Limited
Bank Branch Address : B-XX/2427/928, GF-FF, Gobind Nagar,
Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana-141001

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