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Here’s unleashing 2019’s smashing gift guide for your kids that is going to be both fun and educational. In this post we will explore the gift ideas for book lovers, artists and craft enthusiasts of all ages.


Let’s start with some highly acclaimed picture books for young kids. Many of these are current world sensations and highly attractive for younger kids in their illustrations and story line. All of them are available on AMAZON.IN or AMAZON.COM. So simply select your favourites and order away!

Source : Imagination soup

For older kids, check out these great chapter books and novels and gift them a world of imagination and creativity. These great stories are sure to help build up reading habit in kids who otherwise might find reading boring.

Source : Imagination Soup


For those who love creating masterpieces and dwelling in a world of colour and shapes, here is a guide to some of the award winning art and craft games, all available on AMAZON.IN to easily order and gift. A varied price range, so explore well!

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Stay tuned for the next post on some great TOYS & GAMES for kids of all ages.

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  1. I ordered window clay art stickers for my daughter’s B’day return favours. Really cool stuff 👌🏻

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