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THHD wishes all the children of the world – A VERY HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! We are so excited to introduce you to our new chain of posts CHILDREN OF LUDHIANA that aims not only to share the accomplishments of some amazing kids of the city but also inspire many many more who are looking for just that extra push! Today lets read about some young writer and bloggers whose work is going to leave you awestruck!


Inspired by her grandmother who recently published two books, five year old Advika thought of writing a book too! And can you believe it? She did! She recently self published a short story book that is handwritten by her and complete with all the artwork again done by her. The book titled ‘The dog and his wig’ is a short and sweet story that can be easily read by a 5 year old and an amazing inspiration for many more young writers in making.

To order her book, contact : 9814882188 or

Other hobbies include : Dance, Drawing, Drama and being a chatter box!


This multi-talented teenager eloquently expresses herself in both English and Hindi. Currently she is working on her book of poetry, which will be published shortly. She is an excellent orator and has won multiple accolades across various state and national platforms.

  • Winner of the first prize in Exposer De La Newsroom at International youth festival
  • First prize in creative writing organized by the Indian Postal Department, based on Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat
  • Special prize for her story by Dainik Bhaskar, a leading national daily

Other hobbies include : Art, Doodling and Guitar playing.


Aamya describes herself as a girl next door who loves to bake cakes and visit her fantasy world each night. She was just 11 when she first got a chance to pen down and share her world of ecstasy with her little friends. She has already published a book by the name “CHRONICLES OF AAMYA ” which talks about things like, “Can aliens speak to us? Can we make friends on moon? Do our actions have consequences for our beloved books?” Such intriguing questions are answered in the book! Read it and you will be transported to a world of imagination, goodness and the world of Aamya.

You can read Aamya’s book at :

Chronicles of Aamya

Other hobbies include : Chess, Taekwondo and baking.


Nandika is truly gifted in penning down the social complexities of our generation with utmost ease. With many highly prestigious accolades in her kitty in the field of education from India and abroad, she is a blogger whose work speaks so much more than these words.

Read Nandika’s blog at

Other hobbies include : Dance, Yoga, Art and exploring the world!


He started his journey as a young writer with the help and support of his teacher, Ms. Radha and his mother who guided him to the world of blogging. With articles on sustainable tourism that have been published in GOBAR Times (part of CSE), Rayansh is a globetrotter and an avid reader who reads about 100 books a year!

Read Rayansh’s articles on his blog :

Other hobbies include : Squash and learning anything that is out of the box!


Saher started writing at a young age. She adds, “I have always enjoyed writing. First I wrote poems. Luckily they were published in my school magazine which encouraged me to write blogs! My vision with the blog was to share my views with millions of people around the globe. My teachers are my inspiration who have helped me and will always continue to do so.”

Read Saher’s Blog :


Diya is an enthusiastic blogger and describes it as her passion which keeps her busy in her free time. She started writing to express her views on various topics and share them with the world. The vision of her blog is to enlighten people on how little things and small lifestyle changes can alter one’s life immensely. She is not a typical teenager who is oblivious to the real life problems. This is reflected in her writing and selection of topics like peer pressure, junk food, sitting is the new smoking and seed bombs.

Read Diya’s blog :

Other hobbies include : Meditating, Singing, Oration and Skiing!


Abir has been a creative person right from the time he started expressing himself, describes his mother. He has won many accolades in the field of writing, acting, mine craft and painting and won many national awards in essay writing like India Hope Talent in both Hindi & English.

Read Abir’s blog :

Other hobbies include : Robotics, Singing and Guitar playing.

Amazing. Isn’t it? Stay tuned in for the next edition of the chain : Children of Ludhiana which would cover many more kids who have made a remarkable contribution in the fields of ART, CRAFT, SPORTS, SOCIAL AGENDAS and many more. If your children have done wonders too, tell us their story by writing to us at:

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