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If I was asked, “What is the new staple food item of the modern Indian household?”. My immediate answer would be, “BREAD!”. I sure love to gobble down a slice of butter toast every day with a hot cup of tea. Moreover, with the global exposure of exponential levels, its not about just any bread. Gourmet breads have fast found a special corner on the shelves of most of our kitchens.

The sweet smell of freshly baked bread paired with a bottle of homemade jam, can any day outdo a crafty dessert with its pure simplicity and innocence. But with health issues on the rise, any person who loves to dive into the depth of the ingredients that go into making his/her plate of food, would choose a bread with NO MAIDA AND NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES.

That’s where the star of our story comes in – LA AMERICANA GOURMET by BONN.

After serving the Indian market with quality bakery products for more than 30 years, BONN BREAD presents its new champion of freshness, extravagant taste and good health, LA AMERICANA GOURMET. Evolving with the ever changing needs of the modern consumer, the products offered are of exquisite delicacy, made with passion and love.

Starting with using best quality ingredients, freshly sourced from Mother Nature, following with redesigning the artisan bakery and ultimately delivering the final flavourful product intact with its natural nutrition and goodness WITHOUT ANY ADDED PRESERVATIVES through a highly efficient delivery system. That defines a perfect product line at LA AMERICANA GOURMET.

Their irresistible range of products includes:

Wholewheat Bran Bread

Wholewheat Multigrain Bread

Garlic Oregano Bread

Milk Bread

Oatmeal Bread

Wholewheat Bran Pav Bread

Wholewheat Bran Pizza

Wholewheat Bran Burger Bread

Wholewheat Multigrain Sub Roll Bread

Wholewheat Garlic Sub Roll Bread

Wholewheat Bran Bread Toast

Lemon Eggless Cake

Choco Vanilla Eggless Cake

Butterscotch Eggless Cake

THHD took on the challenge to try a few recipes with its favourite LA AMERICANA bread varieties and is super excited to share them with you! Here we go…

LA AMERICANA breads are now available at most of the established retail grocery stores. So what are you waiting for? Get your yummylicious loaf of LA AMERICANA bread and try the above recipes now!

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