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I am Avni Jainarayan, mother to a 5 year old girl and an 18 month old boy. I am an Instrumentation engineer and a Biomedical research scholar. I have published research papers in various European Journals and have a deep fascination towards literacy. I want my children too to develop love for books, which shouldn’t be restricted to school syllabus. Hence, I started my page – “the homework mum” on Instagram to share my journey towards educating my children in a fun way, where every concept gets cleared.

I would like to thank Aakriti and Anushka for giving me this opportunity, to share my experience of building an early reader on THHD.

Pre-requisite for the same would be that the child should be thorough with the phonetic sound of all the alphabets and should be capable of recognising uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

Step 1: Practise 2 letter blends.

Word pattern for this would be a vowel combined with a consonant.

eg. A + T= AT

I have attached practise worksheets for the same under the heading – Practise 2 letters blends worksheet 1.

Step 2 : Practise 3 letter blends

Word pattern for this would be a Consonant (C) combined with a vowel (V) and consonant (C). (C+V+C)

It will come over practise so kindly refer to worksheet 2a, 2b, 2c.


Now after practising worksheet 1, they can easily read a two letter word, so just add a consonant before a 2 letter word (which makes it a 3 letter word) and make them blend both together.

Step 3 : They should be able to tell the beginning sound, middle sound and ending sound of the word.

Say for e.g. if you say FOX to a child, he/she should be able to break it into F+O+X, saying it begins with F, has O in the middle and ends with X.

Practise worksheets 3 (a,b,c).

Step 4: Make them read sentences which contain 3 letter words and encourage them to read a story book (BOB Books, Songbirds by Julia Donaldsons) every night, which just has 3 letter words and a few sight words like,
Mat sat.
Sam sat.
Cat ran.

Practise worksheet 4.

Step 5 : Introduce them to Dolch sight words. Sight words are those words which don’t follow phonics rules.

These words come in different levels. Pre – k, Kindergarten , First Grade, Second Grade etc. I have included the pre – k word List in worksheet 5. Practise all these 5 worksheets serial wise and see the enhancement in their reading ability. Stay consistent with your efforts and you will be amazed to see the results.

I hope my article helps you, if you need any assistance please email me on : thehomeschoolmum@gmail.com. Do share this article if you find it helpful and give us your feedback!

Avni Jainarayan,

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