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I am quite often asked the question, “How do you maintain your weight? Oh, you must be one of those gifted ones, right? You just don’t put on weight.”

Well, the answer is both yes and NO! Yes, genetics do play a major role in your body make up. But the bitter truth is that it IS mostly your lifestyle.

I was always a very active child. More of a tom boy, to say. Dolls have never been my best friends. Instead it has always been cricket, carom, badminton, stapoo, cycling and yes DANCE!

Of course in your early childhood, the words carbs and fat do not exist in your dictionary. And I confess, I have had my great days too of wiping off packets of chips, flushing down cola drinks and popping colourful candies in my mouth at my own free will. But backyard games have been such an important part of my life, that it all did not matter when it came to weight.

However growing up, my lifestyle changes came when I reached those very tricky teens and started cracking pimples making me so conscious of myself. But today, I call them a ‘blessing in disguise‘. I stopped eating all junk and fried food because yes, I wanted to look attractive.

Then I was sent abroad to pursue my higher studies, where being a vegetarian was quite a challenge initially. Not taking egg even in bakeries meant that practically all desserts were wiped off my menu. I remember what a hard time my friends used to have to get me a birthday cake! lol! But again, I learnt how to live without desserts and it gradually became a lifestyle change.

Now when I look back, I do realise what contributed to my good dietary habits and would love to share these tips and tricks with you.

#1 Desserts are the biggest culprits. The religious ones, find a way to get them out of your diet chart.

#2 If you are overweight, every time you pick up fried food, think about what you are putting your body through. Your body is your temple and you should worship it and take care of it for a good healthy life.

#3 Going to gym is not easy. Find a sport or routine such as dance, yoga etc. that you really love and practice that. Its alright to switch exercises every few months too to maintain interest. Something is better than nothing.

#4 Be positive. Of course you can do it. Give yourself a timeline and a star chart and mark your progress. Look at that chart in the morning and get inspired every day.

#5 Teach your kids to eat healthy and through them you will learn to keep a good lifestyle too. Let them be your inspiration. Cook healthy food for them and you will automatically eat healthy. Yes, it works the other way round as well.

Finally, don’t forget that beauty lies within. Set your targets as per your happiness and remember staying active and cheerful is most important. I hope these few tricks help you reach your goals. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences, tips and tricks with us too! DM us on Insta : aakritiandanushka

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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