Here’s a simple scenario :

A 2 year old child is playing in his room. He spots an attractive toy and makes a run for it. On the route, is another forgotten toy lying aimlessly on the floor. Blinded by his excitement, the child trips on it and falls. He hurts himself a little but cries hard to make his feelings heard. The mother comes running. Picks up the child, hugs him and says, “ Floor ne ‘ooiya’ ki thi. Ye floor ki peeti. (The floor hurt you? Here’s a nice spank for it for hurting my child.)” And hits the floor a few times. The child is happy. He got his revenge.

What lesson did the mother just teach the child? That revenge is sweet.

Dear readers,

From the very first years of a child’s life, without us even realising, we get busy teaching them the lesson of revenge; why? Because it is an easy way to get them to stop crying and perhaps thats how our parents consoled us too. Somehow, forgiveness is a trait that we think is too difficult to teach. However, in the above scenario, what if the mother had used the following approach and said, “ Oh! The floor hit you. That’s alright. Let us kiss him instead so that it doesn’t hurt you again and knows that we are friends.” Now you would wonder if this theory works. Yes, it does. Because that’s what I do with my kids.

And how do they respond to it? It calms them down too and gives them a moment to reflect and has now become their natural instinct. Every time one of them gets hurt, they quickly kiss it! lol! Its strange but so much nicer. Its all about perspective.

The important part is that these small lessons later transform into bigger lessons and play a very important role in shaping a child’s and eventually our society’s personality. Anger, greed, jealousy, all these unpleasant traits get washed away so easily if the child learns the simple art of forgiveness. This was just one scenario, we come across many more in our daily lives. If you yourself remember to forgive, you will be able to teach your kids the same too.

Think about it…The world will be so much of a better place to live in if we all simply learn to FORGIVE!

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