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THHD asks, “What do you do to stand out in a crowd?”

You shop for glamorous clothes, you shop for trendy accessories, you shop for the latest make up. But what about your most important feature? Your natural skin?

We believe, a healthy glowing skin is 70% of the job done to look good! So this summer THHD visited the brand new aesthetic wellness and skin care clinic in the city – AAYNA by Dr Simal Soin.

Dr Simal says, “AAYNA was born out of a dream to create something unique and timeless. It is a temple where we create and enhance both inner and outer body. This is a place where your desire to look and feel your best is met with at all levels from head to toe!”

From the plethora of world class services offered at AAYNA for both men and women and all skin and body types, THHD chose to try the Margaret Dabbs medical pedicure and a sitting of hydrafacial. In the video below we would like to take you through our experience of this gorgeously built skin care clinic followed by a brief review of the services we took.



Aakriti – “Feet are generally the most ignored part of our body, probably because they are not that visible. But ignoring them can ultimately result in excessive build up of dead skin, corns and other medical issues not easily resolved by regular pedicures. The Margaret Dabbs medical pedicure was a water less procedure that in an hours sitting smoothened out my tired feet so beautifully that I could feel the long lost softness in them again. Now I am confident, that in a sitting or two more I will have my 16 year old feet back. And with some extra care and tips from the doctors at AAYNA, I hope to maintain them for the coming years.”

Anushka – “The sun, work, kids, lack of sufficient intake of water generally tends to play a havoc on my skin and I am always looking for some extra help to assist me in maintaining a good skin texture. This 45 minute treatment of hydrafacial was no short of a miracle as I stepped out to look at a drastically glowing skin which got immediately complimented the same evening! What more can I ask for?”


For men and women, AAYNA offers the finest cosmetic dermatology, anti ageing, weight loss and aesthetic treatments using the latest skincare technology and innovations from across the globe. To complement your looks and health, their weight loss and lifestyle modification program combines smart dietary regime, US FDA approved technology and body contouring systems to target those annoying bulges and inches.

Now, grab your phone and book an appointment for a one to one consultation with their highly trained team of doctors and staff. Also, to know more about AAYANA and their full list of services, visit their website below.

AAYNA by Dr. Simal Soin

Ludhiana +91-8575006060

Mehrauli +91-7042297304

Khan Market +91-9870396667

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