Dear readers

Baisakhi marks the beginning of a new year! And a new beginning calls for new resolutions and new ideas. So this Baisakhi, we at THHD have decided to share this absolutely great idea with our readers and help this wonderful girl, Nivedita Garg, reinstate the true spirit of Baisakhi in our city.


Acknowledge the tireless efforts of those who toil in the summer heat to give us the coolness and luxury of a beautiful home – the construction workers. Like the new leaves, new buds, fresh breeze and bright sunlight, gift them new sarees, new smiles, fresh hopes and bright colors this Baisakhi.


You could send a NEW SAREE or send cash by contacting on the number below. Nivedita has arranged for a vendor who gives 1 saree for Rs.500/-. And together you can gift it to those beautiful workers who strive endlessly to give us tranquil homes.

Contact Nivedita Garg – 8437020080

Let’s invigorate the spirit of being united in spreading smiles and happiness. Celebrate this Baisakhi by being the gift and channel of joy for someone who may never get acknowledged otherwise. 

If you like this idea, don’t just stop here. Make your contribution and spread the message to your friends and family.

Have a great day!

“I alone can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create ripples!”- Mother Teresa

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