Mauritus, the size of a dot on the world map, is an island in the Indian ocean; home to some of the most spectacular beaches of the world. The autumn last year, took us globetrotters to the luxurious abode of the ONE & ONLY RESORT in Mauritius for a stay of 6 days.

After a 7 and a half hour long flight, the captain finally announced that we had made it to our destination. A breezy drive from the airport of about an hour along the winding streets of the Mauritian coastline, gave us the first few glimpses of the paradise we had landed into. As we checked into the resort, we could hear the distant roars of the sea alluring us to step into the holiday realm and unwind in its earthy cool waters. The wind whipping our faces and dancing in our hair, instantly scooped out all the tiredness of the journey. From the first contact itself, we knew we had made a good choice.


This hotel definitely housed the most practical and thoughtfully built rooms that we have ever come across in our many years of travel. Simple things that can make your stay so much more organised and comfortable; such as a proper shoe rack, a dressing table with vanity and make up lighting, spacious wardrobes and drawers for luggage, beach bags and goodies for children, kids cutlery in the room, french windows opening up straight into the garden and the sea side and FREE food for children under 5 years of age!

Now that’s what we call luxury!


After a good nights sleep and bored from travel food, we were eagerly looking forward to a dose of fresh breakfast. But I don’t think words can describe our absolute bewilderment at the more than lavish spread that awaited us. 15 kinds of breads, 10 kinds of jams, 25 different varieties of fruits, heaps of cheese, food, food and more food; an adjoining coffee shop dedicated only to the sweets that probably housed about 50 kinds of desserts! Phew! Not to miss the perfect ambience created by the open blue skies, gleaming white sun umbrellas, sparkly aqua blue ocean, glistening green palms and small colourful merry birds.

After a sumptuous breakfast filling us up to our eyes, there was nothing holding the kids back from the Mauritian waters.


While we firmly believe that nothing matches the feel of the perfect powdery sand of the GOAN beaches, the Mauritian beach was great too! Stony at places but with big beautiful patches that left us utterly mesmerised. It was amazing how in this paradise, the sunset created its own masterpieces of beautiful blue, orange and pink hues that could only be captured and saved in ones mind’s eye.

With all the water activities available to the hoteliers, the beach side hammocks and the most perfect weather we could have hoped for, 6 days passed away like a breeze…


A great feature of the hotel was creating a different enclosure all together for all sports and kids activities. So, if you have dropped your kids at the kids area, you can use that time to hit the gym or the tennis courts or the mini golf situated right outside the kids area. With young kids, this was a matter of great convenience for us. A small cafe with a dart board amidst the activity centre was perfect for adults to just unwind while the kids enjoyed themselves too.

My daughter was totally in love with the kids area which had a mini pool and a sand pit of its own, a mini restaurant for kids to have their meals, a little garden with swings and of course tonnes of well kept toys and games indoors.


It is so difficult not to fall in love with Mauritius and we could see why. My daughter proposed settling there! Lol! However, on our next visit, we do want to travel and explore the rest of the island too. Still on our bucket list are the umpteen exciting activities it offers including horse riding on the beach and walking with the lions!

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