The holidays have begun and yes, the kids and the mothers alike are going berserk! The best way to maintain some decorum is of course to plan organised play dates. Not only do these help the mothers to share the entertainment burden, but also give the kids the opportunity to forge long lasting friendships. Let’s explore some of these cool ideas to make your play dates super fun!


The bright sunny weather of course calls for outdoor play with the golden chance to be one with nature. Here’s what you can plan for outdoors:

TREASURE HUNT – Make a list of things found in the garden and hand it over to the kids to run around and collect. For the younger ones you can draw. Such as 3 different shapes/colours of stones, 5 types of leaves, 15 twigs etc.

OBSTACLE RACE – Take some regular household items such as buckets, bath stools, garden items such as hose pipe, flat logs of wood, sticks etc. Create a fun play area using these for the kids to jump and climb upon.

CARDBOARD BOX PLAY – Pick up a few cardboard boxes of different sizes and let the kids create anything they can dream of. A beautiful castle of their own or perhaps a scary monster!

SIDEWALK CHALK SCRIBBLE – Handover a box of chalk and give away your drive way for a day. Let the kids scribble around on the path and create their own masterpieces. Later you can ask kids to clean it too using squirt water bottles.

SAND PIT – Create a sand pit in a large wide mouthed bucket and offer some sand making tools. There is nothing more fun for kids than getting dirty.

NATURE’S WALK – Take the kids around in your garden or a nearby park with you and a gardener. Or use a google lens and let them learn about different varieties of trees and plants. You can also engage in a fun potting the plant activity.

PARK OR OUTDOOR VISIT – You can always take the kids out to a park or to any of the following fun places in the city for a day out! Check out our following post for the same.


MUSIC TIME – Kids love to make noise. Hand over some steel utensils (plates, bowls, glasses) and spoons and spatulas and let them create their own music! It will create a raucous but they will enjoy so much.

POT PAINTING – Pick up a few earthen pots from the street vendors and a few decorations. Or use Hamleys pot painting sets and let them explore their creative side.

SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS – Pick up a science experiment kit from Hamleys or look up some ideas online and engage their brilliant minds using home ingredients.

COOKING CLASS – There are tonnes of fireless cooking recipes that you can teach the kids to make. Or simply give them a plate with the ingredients and let them make something of their own.

BLOCKS – Different types of sets of blocks always turn out to be a great game for all ages. Let them be part of a lego or block making competition or create the tallest building of the world.

STORYTELLING AND PUPPETS – Reading a story to the kids while they get comfy on rugs and cushions can be so much fun. After the story, hand them over some puppets or play dolls to create enchanting stories of their own.

FLINTO BOX – If you have subscribed to a flinto box, a box of fun activities delivered to your doorstep every month, you can engage all the kids in the same.

We hope you found some great ways to make these holidays fun for your kids. If you have some ideas too, share with us on and we will post them for our readers. Also don’t forget to follow us on instagram : and stay in touch with all our feeds!

Happy holidays!

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