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Over time, women have found themselves assuming many more roles apart from a home maker. They have set foot into umpteen professions and taken over much more responsibility than just managing a house and raising kids.

Every working woman wakes up in the morning with a battle within to fight – step out to chase her dreams or stay home to do what she has been assumed to do since centuries. Though I have still not managed to find the right answer for this question, I do have the following tips which have helped me to manage my time in the mean while.

TIP #1 – Be an early riser

Waking up early while the rest of the family is asleep has been very helpful. The amount of work you can get done in the peace of the morning and without comprising on your homely duties is best.

TIP #2 – Exercise

A dose of some form of exercise in the day can greatly uplift your spirits and charge you up to take on all your responsibilities with full throttle. I have personally seen a lot of difference from this tip.

TIP #3 – Learn the art of prioritising

I have accepted the bitter truth that it is not possible to please everyone all the time. But prioritising things helps to maintain some balance and keep a decorum in both your work and home life.

TIP #4 – Accept help when offered

It is wise to leave your pride at times and accept help graciously to get things done in time and with minimum stress.

TIP #5 – Learn to say no

If you think, in the given circumstances, you are not going to be able to fulfil some task, be it at work or at home, its alright to politely say no at times rather than taking up a responsibility and failing to deliver. For eg. if you are not going to be able to cook dinner tonight, offer a take out rather than insisting on being able to do it inspite of the busy day.

TIP #6 – No work Sundays

Take out at least one day a week when you promise not to work no matter what. I always make sure to inform my clients before hand that Sunday is off. People understand and appreciate that everybody needs a break and family time.

TIP #7 – Procrastinating is dangerous

No matter how small a task is, do not keep putting it off. Do it and get it over with. To get this done, the next tip is useful.

TIP #8 – Make a planner

Writing things down in a planner is very useful. It helps you to manage your tasks much better and not miss out on even the smallest of things. Begin the day by planning it thoughtfully and you will be able to get through with it in a much better way.

TIP #9 – Pre- planning

This is very important too. Prepare for the coming days in advance so that you don’t have to rush later. When ever you get an evening off, use 10 mins of it to plan ahead.

TIP #10 – Personal intimate moments are important

Finally, your family needs you no matter what. Taking out time to just sit with your husband and kids, roll in the bed and chit chat with them will secure your bond with them and let them know that they are important to you.

I am not saying its easy to follow all the tips above; even I have not mastered the art yet. But now that I have penned these tips down for you, even I am going to find it useful to revisit them and stay on top of my time management skills whenever I find myself lagging behind.

Have a great day!

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