“All I need is love and a cup of coffee” – Anonymous

It seemed like an ordinary day. Early morning, forenoon greetings, usual chores, nothing fancy for breakfast too, followed by the routine morning exercise class. The only thing worth a little excitement was a casual plan to sit for some coffee post the zestful work out. But hey! Little did I know that this care free plan would include me stumbling upon my new favourite coffee shop for the season.

Tucked up in a warm and cosy nook in the model town market, next to the famous Krishna Mandir, and almost swallowed up by the umpteen tightly packed shops surrounding it, is this beautiful little paradise that they call – URBAN BIRD. Glass, wood, the greens and a rustic fire place; the insides offer a European feel. Along with of course, the most delicious cup of coffee in town.

FUN FACT – The world’s first recorded historic coffee house, Kiva Han, was reputedly opened in Constantinople (Istanbul). 

Coffee, however, is not just all that there is to this little haven. Initially, inspite of an elaborate menu, it felt wise to play safe and order just a standard grilled sandwich with chips on the side. But the first crunch told me that I was ready to try much more at this place.

Lets just leave the description till here; as some things are better when experienced. Here are some quick clicks for you to enjoy. Have a great day!





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