Pashmina shawls like you’ve never seen before at ARAAISH

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With the winter and the wedding season always walking hand in hand, the most beautiful and cosy drapes are offered by our most traditional heritage, Pashmina shawlsThis story of ever green culture and hand woven brilliance that is depicted in the karigari of the famous Kashmiris has won hearts of art enthusiasts since many many years.

Keeping alive this legacy, Mrs. Vandana Verma, founder of Araaish, has been passionately working with this community of weaver-craftsmen for years now and has supported in creating a nurturing environment for them, which not only encourages the present generation of craftsmen, but also inspires the coming generations to carry on this tradition with pride.

These shawls are not just pieces of beauty but masterpieces that have been created through years of training and pain staking skill development, finally giving shape to something that is an object of sheer pride. Here are some of the resplendent designs offered by ARAAISH for you to purchase and treasure always.







Contact Details:
Mrs. Vandana Verma
Founder : Araaish
Mobile : 9815027500
Email :

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