You walk in.

The energy is different.

These women, they get you.

Like great friends destined to meet.

Things just ‘click’.

You share stories that spark inspiration.

You see that same gleam in their eye.

You hear that slight choke of passion in thier voice.

You’re all superwomen changing the world, in your own way.

And you think, “finally, there are others just like me”.

Dear readers




Wondering what it is all about? Well, it is a celebration! A celebration of all those hard working women out there who are up early for school/work, who know sacrifice and discipline and who rise above even when everything else is falling apart.

Project Boss Lady envisions a future. A future where all these women are not alone. Instead, they choose to stand together, applaud each other and hope to become each others pillars of strength. In short, it acknowledges the beauty and grace of being a woman!

This September, 8 BOSS LADIES, specialising in different aspects of the wedding industry got together in appreciation of each others expertise and celebrated their sheer hard work through a fun photoshoot! Here we are unravelling those moments through a short trailer.

Stay tuned to our following posts for the full video!

Find out more about these Boss ladies…

#BOSSLADY SUPRIYA JAIN – The Fashion designer


A woman with such magnificent elegance that so easily transcends into the clothes she designs, that she becomes our absolute favourite BOSS LADY! Her fashion empire, ROSE CREATIONS, has been dominating the city for nearly two decades now and her products are also distributed globally to countries like USA, London, Canada and so on. She surely knows what a woman loves best!

#BOSSLADY ARUSHI OSWAL – The Hair and Makeup artist


This girl, who is beautiful inside out, is the fairy God mother for all the brides to be! Her magic brush knows you better than yourself and her 11 years of expertise along with first class list of accolades in the make up/hair courses makes her our most sought after BOSS LADY for all your beauty needs!

#BOSSLADY TANVI PURI – The Wedding Designer


Making the most important day of your life, the most memorable one is a job not so easily done. But with the inspiration and vision that this young lady holds, she has turned her company, TANVI & CO., into one of the most successfully trending wedding design companies of the country in a very short span of time.

#BOSSLADY SUGAM KALRA – The Jewellery designer


Beware! This girl can turn everything precious into priceless! Taking on the legacy of one of the most trusted Jewellery brands of the city, GANPATI JEWELLERS, she is determined to take this empire to even greater heights with her stunning designs and sense of style.

#BOSSLADY SRISHTI GHAI – The Patisserie chef



The finger licking preparations of this so talented chef (owner CIAO PATISSERIE) make her our sweetest BOSS LADY! From chocolates, to cupcakes, to macarons, to puddings, to entremets, every thing created by her is to capture the imagination, excite the senses and spread a whole lot of love!



Taking up a profession so heavily dominated by men needs guts! Becoming the first girl in Punjab to take up a career in wedding photography, this BOSS LADY makes us all so proud. Her gorgeous work captured in the trailer and pictures above speaks up for her calibre itself.




Finally, the girls who have been creating waves in the city with their back to back posts! Inspiration and creativity have always been their main ingredients which is why their blog, THE HUSH HSUH DIARY, is now regarded as the no. 1 lifestyle blog in the city!

Thank you dear readers!

Eagerly awaiting to share the full video of #PROJECTBOSSLADY with you super soon! Have a blissful day!


Inspiration for quotes : The League Women 

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