While I do believe we all love our children and try to be the best mothers to them, but a little help here and there brings back our perspectives and helps us to take a breather and re evaluate.
We spoke to NIVEDITA GARG, a parent coach, and here’s what she has to say…
“A child’s first 5 years are just like the morning. They are beautiful, the air is cleaner, the noises are less, no rush and even the sun feels pleasant. But most of us waste the morning by doing things we can always do later in the day. Like sipping tea, surfing the net, forwarding endless forwarded WhatsApp msgs or simply oversleeping.
Similarly a child’s brain receptors are also most active till the age of 5. Their senses, curiosity levels, ingenuity levels (along with tantrums) all are at the highest in these formative years. But unfortunately, there is a great level of ignorance in our society about the importance of these crucial years.
According to most people a preschool is not important. According to them their toddlers don’t need guided formative play time. YouTube or other interactive “fun” ways of learning are good enough. As far as motor skills go, throwing a ball is all that the kid needs to know. Well, most parents don’t go through formal parenting training and thereby miss out on some crucial milestones in a child’s development.  According to them the best way to raise a child is how they were raised and yes toys, toys and lots of expensive meaningless toys.
What does this lead to? A frustrated, angry, tantrum throwing child. Now these parents think that this is the best time to send the kid to school. But which one?
KINDERGARTENS, International Playways, Montessori,  global schools.
So many options to choose from and so many criteria.
  • Where is the best infrastructure?
  • Where is the fee the highest?
  • Where does the cream go?
  • Where does the socialites send their kids?
Very few parents think about what the child will actually learn. No talks about pedagogy – the method and practice of teaching or the credibility of the curriculum being followed.
When the parent, who is a customer to the school is not focusing on these aspects, why will the school? After all, these things require time, training, effort and most importantly money. For the schools it’s better to invest on infrastructure and social events rather than focusing on the pedagogy. But in reality what’s most important is – attention to detail in a child’s all over development.” 
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