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Inspiration and passion have no age limit!

Today, we want you to know more about this 7 year old boy, Aayaan Aggarwal (S/o Karan and Neha Aggarwal) and a class 2 student at Sat Pal Mittal School, Ldh, who has not only acknowledged but has also conceived a dedicated project to fight plastic menace in the city.


Aayaan, a marine life lover, on his summer vacation to the United States of America, saw picture of a dead whale being flashed in a news piece on the television. When the doctors cut the whale open, they found quantities of plastic litter accumulated inside it. As inquisitive as the young minds are, after shooting a series of questions at his mother, he found out the bitter truth of how plastic wastes disposed by humans into the water bodies end up killing so many innocent marine animals! From that moment of realisation, Aayaan stopped using plastic straws and minimised his plastic usage. And to this day, has totally stopped using single use plastic items.


Items made of plastic that are used just a single time and then thrown away. Such as plastic straws, disposable plates, spoons, forks, containers, plastic bags usually given away mindlessly by vegetable and fruit vendors etc. Where do these end up? In land fills and water bodies taking upto 1000 years to decay!


‘Say no to plastic’, we all hear this slogan time and again and are fully aware of the repercussions of excessive usage of plastic to our environment. But still every time we see a plastic laden garbage dump, we choose to conveniently ignore it being on the cleaner side of the car window, after of course passing one disgusting look at the sad sight.

So, Aayaan hear gives us some very simple and easy ways to become more responsible. Here are few of his ideas :

  • Next time you visit a restaurant, just avoid using a straw.
  • Carry your own cloth bag when going out for shopping rather than hoarding plastic bags.
  • Give your kids steel lunch boxes rather than plastic ones. An initiative that all schools should undertake.
  • Use your own plates and cutlery rather than using disposable ones whenever you can.

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Apart from this here are some very inspiring initiatives that he has taken at bigger platforms:

  • Spreading awareness at his own school by addressing 1200 students (from grade 2 to 12) and convincing his school principal to have the school join his movement.
  • Shared his notions with Mr Avinash Rai Khanna (VP-BJP), who impressed by his vision and ideas wrote to PM Modi about Aayaan acknowledging his efforts.
  • Made a website and opened Instagram (antiplastic crew) and Twitter accounts (@AggarwalAayaan) to spread awareness about single use plastics.
  • Now he has begun his mission to educate the city restaurants on the issue and is targeting more and more places day by day. Till now he has been able to reach out to Cake square, Kuchh bhi, Flame Bois, Just Baked Cafe, Belfrance and Hot Breads. He has convinced them to give straws to customers only on request and placed placards on each table to sensitise the diners too.
  • Spoke in Delhi in front of 100+ entrepreneurs from all over India and urged them to limit plastic usage.

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He aims to undertake efforts to include limiting the use of plastic bags, disposable cutlery and containers in his future endeavours. Aayaan hopes to raise an NGO dedicated to this cause and together he believes their generation can make a difference.


Dear Aayaan, we at THHD applaud your efforts and will try our level best to carry your message far and wide. We too promise to educate our kids and near and dear ones about this important issue and help people around us in making these simple lifestyle changes for the greater good.

We at THHD are with you today and always!


Email Aayaan on or Call on +91 78886 93339

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