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And our mail box is loaded with so many brilliant travel stories sent by our readers that we cant wait to share them all with you one by one! So, stay tuned and read an exciting travel itinerary every week. And now to get the ball rolling, we begin with our own travel escapade this summer to the ever so special – SHIMLA!

Let me guess. Your first thought would be, “Been there, done that.” Well, you surely must have been there, living at the foothills of Himalayas, but the travel story below is going to open you up to a new Shimla that has been oblivious to you up till now.


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The Khannas : Sidharth, Aakriti, Advika, Awadh

DESTINATION : Shimla and Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh

DURATION : 8 Nights (8 June – 16 June, 2018)

STAY : Oberoi Cecil (4 nights), Wildflower Hall (4 nights)

WEATHER : Pleasant during the day and slightly chilly at night with an occasional drizzle.


Just a 5 hour drive up into the hills with two of the most highly rated properties to stay in, Shimla is an easy choice of destination for anybody travelling from Ludhiana. The ever so famous mall, horse riding at the ridge, hiking up to the Jakhoo temple and leisure walks up and down the winding streets of Shimla is what we all love to do.

Photo from Rachna Jain-2
Photo contributed by Vandita Jain


But this time we wanted to make it a bit more exciting. So here is a short description along with gorgeous pictures of some great new places which we discovered this time in and around Shimla, mostly unheard of!


Located just a few minutes away from The Oberoi Cecil and known for its timeless architecture and gorgeously maintained gardens, the place greatly replicates the beauty and grandeur of the likes of the British Universities.



Photo from Rachna Jain

Reader review : “Originally built as a home for Lord Dufferin, the Viceroy of India, the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, is now a research institute. It is open for the visitors to ramble inside since the place marks many important historical events like the partition of India and Pakistan and much more. The belief that this place leaves you spell bound with its beauty is indeed true. ” – VANDITA JAIN


Topped up over the mountain top like an icing on a muffin, a short climb up to this temple will blow you away. The breathtaking views of this gorgeous valley and the wonderful cool breeze, create a picture perfect moment for you and your family. Carry your binoculars for an even more interesting experience!




While it takes 45 minutes to reach by car to the base of the temple from The Oberoi Cecil, you may also choose to hike up to this mountain turning it into a 1 hour 50 minutes trek ranked at level hard for that extra adrenalin rush.



Moving from The Oberoi Cecil, we then shifted base from Shimla to Mashobra (just a 40 minute drive) with a stay of 4 nights at the Wildflower Hall. Away from the hustle and bustle of the mall, this on the contrary is a destination for nature lovers and a paradise for hikers. The hotel itself offers various trekking trails, cycling routes and guided adventure tours to keep you thoroughly occupied during the day. At night, a relaxing dip in the pool and a sumptuous meal at this gorgeous hotel turns it into a perfect holiday destination.



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From Mashobra, a scenic 10 minute drive will take you to Kufri. A small tourist place with horse riding, maggi stalls, adventure rides and amazing views! Surely a great place to enjoy if you are travelling with kids.




If you enjoy road trips, drive a bit further to revel in the scenic beauty of this apple county of India – Fagu.

We hope that this travel story has opened you up to new holiday ideas for Shimla and we will be looking forward to hearing from you on your own new experiences of Shimla. write to us @

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