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We all love to invest in good clothes, good food and good home for a high quality life. But what about a good night’s sleep?


We spend a third of our lives in bed!

Given that, like you must invest in a good bed and a good pillow, there is one other important factor that many of us mostly overlook. A good quality bed sheet! Is there anything better than sliding into a bed laden with good quality sheets? At the end of the day, we all want to stretch out under our fresh, soft covers and nestle our faces into a good cotton-covered pillow. These bed sheets provide us with the much needed warmth, insulation and comfort for that rejuvenating good night’s snooze…

But how do we get quality for our money?

Thread Count: is the measure of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the denser and smoother the sheet.

Said that, we introduce to you ‘The White Flower’, a brand that is committed towards reinventing the comfort and élan of your home through its superior yet affordable quality products.

We take pride in every stitch and weave of our fabrics, and provide quality bedding and other home essentials that bring elegance and warmth to your living spaces.” – Mridu


Price range : Rs 2000 onwards.

The brand also offers a range of towels, that can be customized and personalised, 3d floral dining mats, tray covers, coasters, cushion covers and more.

To view the designs and place orders, contact them using the details below :


MRIDU – + 91 9820305087

Have a good night!

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