If you have been into even a little bit of reading during your school time, you would be familiar with the names ROALD DAHL and the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. 

Well now, every young reader can have a golden ticket and visit Mr Willy Wonka’s stupendous Chocolate factory! In collaboration with the Roald Dahl estate, My Golden Ticket gives any child in the world a personalised tour of the chocolate factory with some original and some very new unexplored rooms never seen before!

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My daughter is a big fan and just the thought of chocolate rooms where everything is edible, deep rock mines lit up with luminous lollipops, imaginary rooms with chewing gums that make you invisible and everlasting candies that you can chew on forever, made her roll over the floor with amazement and laughter!

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I am sure your kids will enjoy it thoroughly too. Now for some…


  • Ingenious personalisation using the child’s name as the key to format the book and the adventures he/she will experience.
  • The cover was created by a luxury chocolate-box maker with a shimmering golden foil block to make it as chocolatey as it could be.
  • Each wrapper in the book was actually made and then photographed to make it painstakingly real!
  • The story offers a completely personalised, one-of-a-kind Wonka Bar for every individual child to finish the trip.


To order your copy now, follow the link below:


PRICE : Rs 1,799/-

Happy reading!

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