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We all are always willing to experiment with new make up products but little do we know as to what to really experiment with. While reading online reviews, following Insta pages of cosmetic companies or taking advice from fellow friends can be one way to go about it, but how reliable is your source of information?

So, THE HUSH HUSH DIARY brings to you in collaboration with AARUSHI OSWAL (Make up artist), a monthly post titled PRODUCT OF THE MONTH! Once every month, we tell you about a new beauty or make up product that is reigning the fashion world and that will help you make a style statement before others! Given Aarushi’s expertise in the field, you get a genuine review of the product and tips on how to use it, making it so easy for you to regularly update your make up kit.

For the month of MARCH, the product to TRY is :

NYX lipper – MANILA

blog pic 3



While this gorgeous shade is so catchy in itself, here’s another tip by Aarushi on how to give a more plumper look to your lips with this lip stick.

“Lip line using a lip liner and apply the lipstick or lip stain all over. Then add a concealer right in the centre and blend it outwards.” – Aarushi Oswal

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