At a recent visit to a magazine shop, I bumped into something I’ve been looking for quite some time now for my daughter. A brilliant kids magazine published by the best explorers of the world – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC! 


Kids magazines are a great way to give your child well researched topics with fantastic facts and pictures to teach them in their free time without making it feel like homework!

The NAT GEO KIDS magazine for kids of age 6 years + brings to its little readers an exciting monthly read packed full of exciting facts about science, geography, history, popular culture and fun things to make and do.


  • Designed to inspire and inform young readers about the world around them.
  • Read exciting stories about the world’s wackiest wildlife and travel on adventures to every corner of the globe, from investigating ancient cities like Machu Picchu in Peru, to trying to catch a glimpse of rare species like the ginormous black rhino in Africa!
  • Full of dazzling photography — just like you’d expect from National Geographic.
  • Tons of clever puzzles and cracking competitions for you to have a go at every single month.

You can buy their monthly edition from any magazine shop, I got mine from Sarabha Nagar market, or subscribe to their Indian edition by contacting them using the details below :

Toll-free : 18004255002 (Mon- Fri : 9:30am – 5:30 pm, except holidays)

M.M. Publications Ltd.

Email :,

Also explore the official Nat Geo Kids website for fun reading and exploring :

Happy reading!

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