EVENT : ‘The Story Tree’ for 2-7 year olds on 10 MARCH! Register now!

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Dear readers,

Something very special happens when people come together with a shared sense of purpose. And when those people are ‘kids with their wildest of imaginations’ and the purpose ‘listening to stories’, something supernatural and utterly magical is sure to happen!

THE HUSH HUSH DIARY is extremely excited to inform its readers about the ‘THE STORY TREE’ – an event which comes out of the imagination of one of our favourite story tellers in town – RUMIKA KHURANA.  So here’s calling all the kids of the town to jump into the world of stories and enchantments with Rumika through this absolutely unique event.


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It is an ancient art of learning, almost forgotten these days, being revived again by a few who still believe that it is by far the greatest and the most effective ways to communicate with each other.


  • The Story teller of course, RUMIKA KHURANA, a lady with real passion for story telling and the ability to transport your kids into different imaginative realms and stimulate their creative sides.
  • The perfect ambience THE TREEVILLE. The stories to be narrated under the shade of a tree and in the midst of a beautifully set up garden.
  • Narration of 2 Stories, recapitulated by colouring and craft activities and a fun sing along song!
  • Parents welcome to view and enjoy the hospitality of THE TREEVILLE coffee shop while kids indulge in all that the event has to offer.

So, CALL NOW AND REGISTER to catch the limited seats available!

Apart from the event, if you would like to know more about the regular story telling classes taken up by RUMIKA, you may contact her using the contact details below. However, here are a few activities that summarise her exciting batch of regular classes :

  • Narration of stories using different mediums and methods.
  • Use of voice modulation, expressions, theatrical representations and enactments for gripping story telling sessions.
  • Clubbed with various activities like craft, clay, puppetry using puttet theatre etc.
  • Free play time with blocks, balls, etc.
  • Use of story webs using strings and yarn.
  • Use of age old method of sitting on the floor or under a tree.




534 A Model Town Ext

Near New Krishna Mandir

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/onceuponatimeindia/


  1. Maths (honours) from Hindu college Delhi University, followed by a dimploma in German language, max mueller Bhawan, Del., B.Ed from Punjab University.
  2. 6 years experience as a primary teacher in Delhi Public School.
  3. Numerous circle time sessions of stories conducted during the tenure at DPS.
  4. Special activities undertaken in the past including – summer camps, painting projects, planting saplings, carnivals, story telling events in Delhi etc.

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