Yes! The quickest and easiest way to get that oomph with minimal make up and minimal availability of time is FALSE LASHES by USHER!

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A&A and THE HUSH HUSH DIARY are a big fan of USHER’S fluttery lashes and how they have redefined makeovers through such simple application. The soft feathery lashes add on to the volume of your original lashes in such a way that instantly enhance your look, taking the glamour quotient to another level.

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If you are thinking its gonna be so tricky to apply them, it’s time to reevaluate. We have personally be using them and its just a matter of trying once or twice and BAM! You are gonna be a pro from the next time onwards.


Apart from already reasonably priced USHER products, if you are an ardent THE HUSH HUSH DIARY reader, you get another special discount! 20% off on your purchase at USHER BEAUTY SHOP online.

Simply log on to their website below, punch in the following code at checkout and enjoy these gorgeous downy lashes!

CODE : hushhush20

Blink away ladies!

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