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We at THE HUSH HUSH DIARY have always encouraged our readers to share their stories and experiences with us that would benefit the others too. Today we have a ‘guest writer’ who has come forward to narrate a very common yet extremely important incident that many of you would relate to. She also gives us some essential tips to curb such situations.

Here’s what DIVYA SARDANA, a resident of Jalandhar, has to say….

“God’s gift of children to us is undoubtedly the most unique one! As parents we all seek for our kids to achieve and make a mark for themselves in life. However, in today’s day and age of intense cut throat competition it has almost become a mandatory procedure to make your child part of an extra co curricular activity or a class that enhances the child’s ability to perform.

Recently, Mrs Sharma shared her story with me over a cup coffee which made me realize how essential it is for each one of us to come out there and teach people from our own personal experiences. Hence, creating a better and safe future for our children. Mrs Sharma has one precious daughter Simran, who is studying in grade 5 and is 10 years of age. Over a period of time, she felt that her daughter struggled in class to perform in English language. She approached a male teacher who was incidentally suggested to her by one of her friends who had a niece of hers who was already going to this tutor. Soon the classes began and in no time both Mrs Sharma’s daughter and her friend’s niece started to attend the class together. Strangely enough within two weeks into the class Simran started to stress right before her tuition and would make excuses for not wanting to attend the class. Mrs Sharma, decided to dig deep in to the matter.

After gathering courage, Simran told her mother that after two to three days of the class, every time she went for tuition, the teacher would make his wife leave the room and ask her to go make him tea. While the wife would be away to the kitchen, the tutor would behave inappropriately with both the girls making them feel uncomfortable. Mrs Sharma was appalled at what she heard.

Mrs Sharma along with her friend approached the tutor directly and confronted him. The tutor was very calm and chose to deny every bit of the information. But the mothers threatened to expose him if he ever repeated this act with anyone else. It was the last time both the girls ever went to his class. The incident left a mark in Simran and her friends mind, assuring them that they were valuable and that their parents were ready to stand up for them.

However, as I got aware of the above circumstances that were faced with Simran, I decided to take action too and spoke to my own two children aged 5 and 8. I narrated the entire incident to them. Here are a few things that you may want to consider teaching your children too to keep them safe.

  1. Teach your children about “good touch and bad touch.”
  2. Do not disregard what your children share with you.
  3. Stand up for your child if you believe what they are saying is correct in front of staff.
  4. Let your staff know that you are aware of “bad touch” and time and again, reinforce it in to your children.
  5. Your driver and maids must at all times be scared that your kids will come home and complain to you if they do not feel things went correctly.
  6. There are a few links that you may want to view along with your children to make them aware. and

To conclude, one must be vocal and speak up for the right. It is a great learning for each of us and it is probably occurring time and again with people we know. I urge each of the mother’s to talk to your children. Make them aware of such people and most of all give your child a lending ear when they have something to say. Let us all take this experience as a learning of awareness and safety.”

Thank you Divya for sharing this valuable piece of writing with us. We surely look forward to more of our readers to come forward and be more vocal through our BLOG!

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