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Good wine, cheese, scrumptuous food and company of great friends….if you too believe you should indulge in such an evening once in a while, then read on…

As bloggers, we feel privileged to have been invited as guests to one of these very exclusive wine tasting events hosted by the ‘Ludhiana Wine Society’ this January at THE HYATT, Ludhiana.


“A group of great people who come together once every month, to share their love for exquisite varieties of wine and relish challenging their taste buds!” – A&A

The best way to refine your palate is to taste, taste and taste. Thus, this event (for members only), is designed in a way, where in 4 wines are carefully selected, including a port or dessert wine, and offered to the members to taste and further dwell upon throughout the evening.

A general discussion then ensues with the chef who accompanies the members on this tasteful journey of diverse flavours that they experience as they sip through these selected wines on by one. A better understanding of details such as the characteristics of the wine, the grape, the finish, the origin etc. is what makes the event so interesting!

If you happen to fall in love with any of the present wines, you may also place an order and store it in your cellars for special occasions.

Another important aspect of the evening is of course the food. Apart from delectable platters of cheese, the event includes a selection of starters and desserts all of which are prepared to pair perfectly with the wines of the evening and served in unison with  them.

In all, we would call it an exciting monthly event to know your wines and a thoroughly delightful experience with all the sophistication and class that one would look forward to.

Our sincere thanks to the Ludhiana Wine Society for making us a part of this event. If you would like to join them and share your passion for wine too, you can write to them at the email address given below with your contact details and they’ll get in touch with you!

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