Even after 6 years of marriage, my favourite valentines day gift is still ‘Breakfast in Bed’! As cliche as it may sound, a beautiful morning starting with your husband giving in to your laziness and adoring you as an empress, does it all! (I hope he’s reading this post…wink!). But mind you, I have my standards! Its not just any breakfast, but a nicely laid out tray with finely cut fruits, hot cup of coffee, light breakfast garnished perfectly and served in the best of china! Not to forget a rose on the side for that special effect and an ‘I LOVE YOU ‘ note for that lil cheesy effect!

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Well that’s just me…but we sure have many more cute ideas that you or your spouse might enjoy! So check them out and make it special this Valentines Day!

Gift ideas of HIM/HER


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valentine gift grandma Elegant 5 sweet last minute valentines day gifts gift february month
  1. Rack your brains and think hard. Did she/he recently spot something in a show window that she/he loved but din’t buy? Or maybe mentioned something in a conversation that she/he was hoping to or would love to buy? Well, just give it! And you’ll be the best husband/wife in the world!
  2. If you are in the mood to splurge, here are some top gift ides : I Phone X, Apple watch, a quick an easy one-two night getaway (Suggestions : Sukhvilas/Marriot/Hyatt in Chandigarh or Oberoi Cecil/Wildflower in Shimla)
  3. Have a flashback! Open those dusty wedding albums and DVDs that you have not touched since a while and relive those memories or scroll through your honeymoon and first holiday trips together!
  4. If she/he is fond of pets, maybe today would be a good day to buy one or rent one for a day and gift her/him with a sweet valentines day note tied to the collar of the pet.
  5. How about a pizza and an ice cream night at home with your partners favourite movie? That sounds fun!
  6. Does your better half have a sweet tooth? Let her/him indulge today and pre order her/his favourite dessert and feed her the first bite!
  7. Get your hand impressions done and get them framed! Suggestions : Amazing impressions (9646598711).
  8. Order a nice flower arrangement and have it delivered home as a surprise. Suggestions : Fervour Fragrance – 9988600992, 9878728879
  9. For couples who love to party, buy passes for a valentines night out and surprise your partner by taking them there! Suggestions : TBK, Malhar road, Ldh



  1. Take her out for shopping and coffee and let her buy anything and everything she wishes to but with a smile! No frowns what so ever!
  2. Gift her a Gift card of her favourite cosmetic store eg. MAC, or her choice of salon, or her favourite clothing store or just hand over hard cash!
  3. Most importantly, be at your best behaviour today! Think of your wife as a Goddess who needs to be pleased thoroughly for all your wishes to come true.
  4. Remember the following points throughout the day and don’t forget to mention them here and there. She is the prettiest, she is the funniest, she looks so thin today, her dress is really nice today, her skin is glowing today….you can think of more and see how pleased she will be.

Feel free to forward the link of this article to your partner and give them a chance or may I say, a very promising hint (wink!) of what your expectations are for this Valentines Day!

Wishing our readers a thoroughly romantic Valentines Day! Have a great one!

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