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Me and my daughter have this once in two months ritual, where in we pack our picnic baskets and head off to my husbands factory ARISUDANA INDUSTRIES LTD. in Jaspalon, for a fun day out in the factory lawns. An important part of this outing is always distributing useful things amongst the kids of the factory workers, thus creating a positive family and working atmosphere amidst the staff.

However this time around, instead of merely ‘GIVING’, I wanted to instil a spirit of ‘DESERVING’ amongst these kids as well. So, I came up with the idea of hosting a casual drawing competition on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the factory lawns!

A whooping participation of 120 kids dotted the lawns of ARISUDANA INDUSTRIES LIMITED that beautiful day with colours and creativity brought to fore by children of all age groups. With an assortment of tempting gifts for the winners, the kids surely were super excited and all pepped up to do well and WIN! Here are a few glimpses of the same…

blog pic 86

blog pic 85


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From my experience, I would like to encourage each one of you to make such occasional efforts which can go a long way in uplifting the spirits of these kids and give them a sense of worth. And honestly, arranging it was pretty easy! All I had to do, was simply go to a wholesale stationery shop in Jawahar camp and pick up the following :

  1. 120 drawing copies
  2. 120 pencils
  3. 120 erasers
  4. 120 small pack of colours
  5. Gifts of your choice for the winners

Distribute the essentials amongst the kids, give them 2 hours to finish their drawings while we enjoyed our picnic food and announce and reward the winners! So go ahead and try these creative ways of charity once in a while and I can assure you, its going to be lot of fun for you and your family too!

Have a great day!

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