Food can do so much more than fill up your stomach! So naturally, the whole modern dining experience has been transformed to offer the customer much more than just tingling taste buds. Today we review for you ‘A Reverie’ – a little oasis in the middle of Culangata, Goa that brings to you a truly magical dinning experience.

A Reverie is our love child; so we have adopted a little theatrical and (most of all) fun approach to food.” – Aakritee and Virendra

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Elevating Goan cuisine to a global level, A Reverie serves up food that’s evocative, thought-provoking and tells a strong culinary story. There is nothing ordinary about this restaurant, starting from their open air sitting with private gazebo to live music and an exceptionally innovative menu.

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The quality of restaurant resonates through the loyalty of its patrons from celebrities like Rahul Gandhi and many more who frequent the restaurant whenever they are in town. Personally being a vegetarian I feel I miss out on a lot of Goan food, but this is one resturant that guarantees an exceptionally elaborate vegetarian menu.

Our picks for the evening were :


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1) BOW BAO DOWN (4 pcs)

Steamed bao with crunchy tofu, harissa mango jam


Wood fired poee bread pizzette

Smoked mozzarella, onion seeds

Choice of sun dried tomato


MAIN : (Highly recommended!)


Few avatars of mushrooms & potatoes

Potato risotto, shitake & white truffle fluffy potatoes, pickled mushroom pan fried mushroom gnocchi dehydrated potato crisp wood-ear mushroom cookie
sautéed wild oyster mushroom creamed potatoes, mushroom la plancha salsaverde , rocket


DESSERT : ( Deconstructed cheesecake )


There-designed CHEESE CAKE

Lemon cheese cake dressed as cranberry, popping crystals

Blueberry cheese cake dressed as green lime, biscuit crumble &

The other models…

Lemoncake dressed as blackberry, lime gelato, green lime dust

raspberry sorbet, lime air, strawberry, cranberry meringue, mulberry pearls

2) OCD obsessive chocolate disorder : our-incarnation of the ‘BLACK FOREST’ (for all the chocolate lovers)

Belgian chocolate parfait log, valrhonachocolate fondant, Ghana chocolate gelato, macerated cherries,dried cream, keralachocolate mousse wafer, black vanilla ice cream twigs,leaves, soil, moss etc.

To finish, here are some reviews by the experts in the field: 

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“One of the more — if not the most — adventurous culinary enterprises in Goa” – TIMES FOOD GUIDE

A Reverie puts a new twist on holiday dining. “- CNN GUIDE

“A hot spot for the glitterati” – THE MAN

Have a great day!

To visit and make reservations :
Holiday Street, Gauravaddo, Calangute, Goa 403516
098231 74927


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