The year 2017 was surely a great year for me when it came to travel! With my holiday journeys taking me all over the globe far and near, my travel logs are surely lagging behind in compilation. So today, without further adieu, I want to take you through my next stunning travel experience, not very far away, THE ROYAL RAJASTHAN!

While Udaipur with its luxury resorts is always a much sought after destination for couples and honeymooners around this time of the year, our itinerary however included 2 other equally popular cities, namely JAIPUR and RANTHAMBORE.




Hotel Rambagh Palace, the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur, is surely one of the most exquisite properties in India to stay with its princely gardens, timeless Indian architecture and an aura of royalty and pride.

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The moment you drive into the property, you leave behind your ethnicity and are one with the the kings and the queens. What awaits you next is a spectacular welcome with majestic peacocks awaiting your arrival in the palace lawns and a shower of roses that gives you a teaser of your oncoming royal journey here at Jaipur. I always say, Indian hospitality is the one thing that beats all the other nations around the world. And this is exactly what you are chalked in for at the grand Rambagh Palace.


The Night time view of the ethereal Rambagh Palace


Sumptuous buffets, silver platters and delicacies from around the world…


# 1. If you are keen on history, you would surely want to cover all the prominent places of interest such as the Jantar mantra, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort etc. Dive into the enthralling legacies and stories of the kings and the queens and visit some famous movie sets of this utterly royal state.

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# 2. For those looking for tradition, do plan a visit to ‘Chokhi Dhani’ during the day. A very well organised and well maintained place packed with Rajasthani tradition and folklore to keep all young and old thoroughly entertained.

Look out for umpteen exciting activities such as camel rides, elephant rides, folk dances, puppet shows, magic shows, snake charmers, mehndi artists etc. and traditional Rajasthani food too to rejoice!

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# 3. ELEPHANTASTIC (MUST VISIT!) – Now this is an experience I have been dying to write about! A 45 min – 1hr journey from the Rambagh Palace, this is a place home to domesticated elephants where you get to have the closest encounter you can ever imagine with these mighty beasts! What can you do here? Everything that you see in the Jungle book and the forest themed movies...touch the elephants, feed them sugarcane with your very own hands, paint on them, give them bath and then sit on them and take a bath from them! This was truly one of the most exciting experiences for us and our kids and it was amazing how fearless are toddlers were around these huge animals and how they befriended them in such a short time! Check out the following slideshow for some great pics….


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While the name OBEROI itself claims luxury and hospitality of the top order, we too experienced the same at this one of a kind resort here at Ranthambore. With rooms designed on the concepts of high end tent houses, this resort aims at turning you into a wild life explorer and bringing you one on one with nature.

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The highlight of this place is of course a visit to the Ranthambore wild life sanctuary with options of making multiple visits to the forest during your stay. For the rest of the time, you may choose to indulge in their relaxing spa facilities or stroll through the meandering green orchids and floral gardens of this property. Take a dip in the pool or enjoy exquisite delicacies under the star lit sky and make your stay as memorable as you like.

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While some might say, why go all the way to a jungle to see a tiger when you can spot one in a zoo, trust me when I say,  the adrenaline rush of being in a completely open jeep in a wild forest, with no weapons of any sought for protection and with a wild tiger lurking just a few feet away from you, untamed, yet fully armed with his claws and mighty jaws, you are surely in for an experience that will go down in your list of the most adventurous experiences of your life!

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The whole journey through the forest where in your guide also teaches you how to follow the sounds and calls of the jungle to spot the tigers whereabouts can surely get you hooked on to this fun filled activity and take you to the forest again and again!


So this was Rajasthan for you dear readers! We do hope you find time and definitely visit these places of our Incredible India and share your experiences with us too @

Have a great day!

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