It is the plight of all we Ludhianvis, that inspite of having an airport here in Ludhiana, we still have to travel all the way to Delhi to board any international flight. While the dream of catching flights right from our doorstep still remains distant, we thought why not make the journey to Delhi more fun!

This time around, while we were travelling to Bangkok to attend a destination wedding, we were blown away by the number of rest stops, restaurants and eating places that had sprouted like mushrooms on our journey to Delhi. While each looked equally inviting with its bright lights and tempting slogans, we decided to make a quick pit stop at the KARNAL HAVELI.


What we loved about it?

  • A great open spacious place maintained and kept very clean to give that much needed respite to the travellers.
  • Amazing sumptuous food, especially the Dal makhani for which the HAVELIS are best known! blog pic 100
  • The food arrived within 5 minutes of ordering! I am not joking! So a great place to stop if you are running short of time but have a big appetite you want to satisfy.
  • A BURGER KING right across in the same compound for those who wish to indulge in something non-Indian.
  • Camel ride, horse cart ride, traditional folk dance activities right outside to keep the little ones entertained!blog pic 102

Overall, a great stop over that left us thoroughly satisfied and pleased to complete the final leg of our journey to Delhi!


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