With the winter chills beginning to set in and the Christmas spirits taking over the city, its time to celebrate this month with full fervour and joy! So stay tuned to THE HUSH HUSH DIARY. COM as it keeps you updated with all thats happening in the city this festive season!

If you are due to host a kitty party this month, you have just gotten lucky! Here are some great Christmas kitty game ideas that will make your guest go bonkers! Check them out!

  1. Pair Gift wrap blog pic 68
    • Divide the guests into pairs.
    • Tie the right hand of the left person and the left hand of the right person together.
    • Each pair will be given a box, wrapping paper, scissor, tape and ribbon. The pair has to wrap the box with all the things provided using only one hand each.
    • The pair who is able to wrap the gift neatly at the earliest wins.
  2. Dress Up Like Santa
    • Divide the players into two groups.
    • Give one oversized dress of Santa including cap, gloves, belt, socks and shoes to each group.
    • The game is that everyone in the group has to dress up like Santa turn by turn. The first player will dress up using all the things given to them as Santa, click a picture and then he will remove Santa’s dress as fast as he can so that the next player can start dressing up and so on.
    • The group who completes their task at the earliest wins. Check the pics to enjoy and to make sure each player dressed fully!
  3. Jingle the Bell 
    • Divide the guests into two groups.
    • Blind fold one team. One player from the other team holds the bell and moves around.
    • Blind folded players have to catch the player who is ringing the bell in a given time.
    • A Christmas version of Kabaddi! The team with maximum catches wins.
  4. Carol partner
    • Make two sets of slips with some popular Christmas Carol songs written on them, for eg. Jingle Bells, Slient Nights etc. and put all the slips in a Santa’s cap.
    • One by one the players will come and take one slip from the cap. Now two players have the slip of the same carol.
    • As the time starts, everybody will start humming the carol written on their slips.
    • The game is that they have to find their partners who is humming the same carol. As soon as they find each other, they have to shout ‘Merry Christmas’. The first pair to find each other wins!
  5. Dancing Christmas trees blog pic 64
    • Divide the guests into pairs.
    • Give a similar set of Christmas trinkets to each guest. Such as bells, stars, balls, gifts, colourful streamers, frills etc.
    • When the music starts, one person becomes the tree and dances while the other player decorates him/her while the player acting as tree is dancing.
    • The player who stops dancing is out.
    • The team that dresses up the fastest with all the trinkets intact wins or choose the best dressed Christmas tree.
  6. Santa’s treasure hunt blog pic 66
    • Hide lots of small christmas tree decoration gift boxes around the party hall.
    • When the time starts, players run to find the hidden gifts.
    • The player with maximum gifts or one lucky differently wrapped gift wins the real prize.
  7. Santa’s obstacle raceblog pic 67
    • Mark a playing area in the party hall and consider that area as river.
    • Put some floor mats or different sized newspapers as islands on the floor.
    • The distance between the mats should be that a person can easily jump from one island to another island without falling into the river i.e without touching the floor.
    • Divide the players into groups.
    • Santa/host is sitting at the finishing line with lot of gifts.
    • As the time starts, one player at a time from each group has to cross the river by stepping onto the islands, collect one gift from Santa and come back and then send the next player to collect more gifts.
    • Any player who falls into the river ie. touches the floor will be considered OUT.
    • Keep a time limit of one – two minutes depending on the number of guests.
    • The group who collects the maximum gifts from Santa wins!!

Now go ahead and plan your Christmas party with these exciting games! Have a great day!

Source : http://ladieskitty.net/15-games-for-christmas-theme-party/

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