With my new rocketing interest in hair products, I have been experimenting with quite a few these days. While time consuming home made packs are always hard to compete with, the product we are reviewing for you today is definitely a good substitute if you tend to struggle with time like me!


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This product is an effective cocktail of lots of oils concocted to, as the name suggests, an elixir for your hair. The first time I used this product, I got hooked on to it! The shine, the texture, so smooth and soft that you can’t help but jump around with your beautiful hair the whole day!

What we love about it?

  1. A great conditioner that leaves your hair soft, smooth and bouncy after every use without fail.
  2. SUPER EASY TO USE! All you have to do is just work one or two pumps throughout  your hair, either before washing your hair or on towel dried hair as a leave in conditioner. Literally a 30 second treatment for your hair!
  3. Helps get rid of any frizziness too!
  4. Non sticky and non messy!
  5. Great fragrance.
  6. Pretty bottle with a pump release system dispensing adequate amount to avoid spillage.
  7. Can be used by both men and women.

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While the price can surely be categorised as expensive, Rs 5,710 @ amazon.in, but as you use just 1-2 pumps per use, it will last you a really long time. To know more about this product and its suitability for your hair, talk to your hair stylist.

TO BUY : Available at all leading salons in the city or,

Buy online :  https://www.amazon.in/Kerastase-Elixir-Ultime-Complex-Serum/dp/B015XPC59K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1511950705&sr=8-2&keywords=kerastase+elixir+ultime+oil

Have a great hair day!

DISCLAIMERThe product reviewed above to be used by the consumer at his/her own discretion only. The above is just a review from our personal experience.

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