Moving up in the league of the ‘Most happening dinner places’ in town, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we review for you today – BOURBON BROADWAY! If you have still not visited this chic American artistic restaurant located on the Malhar Road, here’s what you need to know…

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You have heard of cocktails, you’ve heard of mocktails…but how about #Bongtails and #Freak shakes? Well, this place surely aims to attract crowds with its emphasis on some very creative drinks to give its guests a good time. With interiors focusing on American culture, you immediately step into ease and comfort the moment you enter this restaurant.


#1 – Mojitos and margaritas are so things of the past…get creative and give your taste buds a twist with drinks such as Pan sangriaBerry and jam mocktail or even a Banana caramel margarita!

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#2 – Feel like indulging? Then indulge properly! Turn any of your shakes into a ‘Freak shake’ by adding those extra bits of heaven.

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#3 – As for food, be ready to enjoy American size portions with some great selections of pizzas, burgers and kebab platters! For the health conscious ones, try the salad pizza.

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No matter what your mood is today, there is a seating option made just for you!

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  1. Beginning with our favorite – The Terrace! There is no better way to enjoy those relaxing winter brunches or enchanting winter evenings than at the Terrace @ Bourbon Broadway. One of the best made roof top settings in the city, with its great city views, it is sure to compel you to visit again and again.
  2. Raining? Choose the glass surrounded deck sitting area on the terrace to enjoy even the rain with great food.
  3. Couple kitty or lunch kitty, choose a semi private or a private seating area to give your guests that undisturbed attention.
  4. Chilly outside? Cozy up in the indoor seating areas with lots of high and low sitting options.


In these months of Birthdays and Anniversaries, book their private terrace area located completely aloof from the rest of the restaurant on the terrace, for complete privacy. Make it even more special by getting it decorated to your style and enjoying private butler service. 

Also, enjoy live band every Wednesday and Saturday nights or make a special request for a band on any of your party nights.


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