Luv Ludhiana contest with CASH PRIZES to be won!

Swarn Surjit Charitable Society (SSCS), Ludhiana is a society with the mission to make life of all, better than yesterday. The organisation is organising lots of contests to encourage the people of Ludhiana to get to know their city better and work for its positive reformation.


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There are currently 3 categories, for which the participants can submit their entries.

  1. Photography Contest
  2. Souvenir Contest
  3. Content Writing Contest

There are 3 themes for this event :

  1. History of Ludhiana
  2. Beauty of Ludhiana
  3. Tourist Destinations

Entry submission: Nov 06 to Dec 25, 2017

To submit your entry and to know more about the rules and regulations of the contest, follow the link below:


First :  11,000/-

Second : 5,100/- 

Consolation prizes


Top ten entries shall be selected on the basis of likes received for an entry on the Facebook Page and final winning entry amongst top ten entries shall be chosen by a panel of renowned experts/residents of Ludhiana.

DISCLAIMER : We are not the organisers of the contest stated above or have any role in its organisation or judgement. Participants will be taking part under their own discretion only. They are requested to contact the stated organisers for any further details.

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