Shawl making is truly a heritage craft of our nation for which the artisans of our country have won praise and admiration from populations around the world.
Keeping alive this legacy, today we would like to introduce you to Mrs. Vandana Verma, founder of Araaish, who has been passionately working with this community of weaver-craftsmen for years now and has supported in creating a nurturing environment for them, which not only encourages the present generation of craftsmen, but also inspires the coming generations to carry on this tradition with pride.
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This soft gold, grown on Himalayan Ibex’s underbelly, is painstakingly combed; hand-spun, passed through the skilled hands of a Rangur before being deemed fit to be attached to a loom. The weaving and embroidery takes months – then a full length pashmina takes shape.
A team of at least 11 craftsmen, involved in the process, have invested years of hard work and training to develop these skills. Sadly, their career is short lived. Stressed backs, poor eyesight due to long hours of working are just a few of those reasons. However, at Araaish they endeavor to get these craftsmen a place of pride in the society and make each piece of hand crafted pashmina one of the most treasured possessions in the wardrobe of those who live a tasteful life.

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As you can see in the slide show above, the intricate embroidery, the colour choice of each piece, is not only an ode to the pristine Himalayan beauty, but is also designed to preserve the heritage and create a blend to suit the sensibilities of modern times.
With their painstaking efforts they have been successful in creating a  brand which has been endorsed by celebrities like Ms Shannaz hussain within India as well as admired by customers across borders in Bangladesh and Pakistan like Sapphire, Khadi et al….
To book an appointment and view their collections, you may contact them using the details below:
Contact Details:
Mrs. Vandana Verma
Founder : Araaish
Mobile : 9815027500
Email :

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