Once again that very special day that celebrates the presence of the cutest beings on this planet – CHILDREN is here! While many parents might choose to leave the celebration of this special day to schools, some enthusiastic ones might want to make it even more special for their kids!

So today we share some great ideas with you on some cute simple ways to celebrate this day with your kids along with listing various parties happening in town. But before that, we would also like you to remember all those kids who are not as privileged as your own kids and what you can do for them.


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  • Keep a bag of biscuits in your car and don’t let any child begging at your car window pass empty handed.
  • Don’t forget to smile at them as that probably is even a more rare thing for them to get compared to food.
  • We would also like to repost our last years article on WORLD VISION INDIA which enables us as the privileged ones to empower another child. I strongly urge you to read this post and all it would take is just 5 minutes to make a contribution.


  • If you have workers in your factory with kids, you can organise a dental check up or a doctors visit to check their healths over the weekend and distribute dental kits or shower kits.
  • For the brave hearted ones, visit a slum area and raise awareness on hygiene, cleanliness, safety and importance of education.


  • Involve them in any of the above activities for the underprivileged.
  • Follow it by planning an exciting surprise outing for them that they would like. Such as a visit to any of the following places :
    • Ludhiana Tiger safari
    • Hamleys
    • Gaushala
    • Movie
    • Play area such as Hangout, Fun sphere, Munchkins, F2 etc.
  • Take them out for dinner or lunch to their favourite restaurant.
  • Plant a tree with them!blog pic 86
  • Throw a casual children’s day party by calling few of their friends and their mothers with music, games and their favourite food items.blog pic 85


  • Make children’s day treats together! Bake a cake or make a pasta or a burger together.blog pic 83
  • If possible, ask the fathers to take half a day off and do any of the above activities as a family.


You may also choose to visit any of the following children’s day parties happening around the city:

  1. SUTLEJ CLUB (For kids of members only)blog pic 86
  2. KUMON and FUN CLUBblog pic 72
  3. FARISHTEYblog pic 71

Wishing all the children a very HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! Stay safe and stay blessed!


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