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While all travel destinations have something unique to offer, some destinations offer such unrepeatable experiences that you can’t help but relive them by telling others.

We travelled to NORWAY this June for 7 nights and got to experience this country in the most spectacular way possible! The Norwegian fjords, just read about in books, were there right in front of us! The magnificent mountains, the unforgettable sights of glacial ice, the crystalline water, the unparalleled flora and fauna wrapping up this country and its pristine preserved wilderness…uff! You can’t get enough of it! Here’s our itinerary for you with lots of pictures to help you plan your next trip to NORWAY!

DAY 1 – 2


  • Land in Bergen, pick up your rental car and check in to your hotel. Though you may choose to take bus tours instead of renting cars, but then you are going to miss out on so many memorable experiences that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Over your 2 night stay in Bergen enjoy this utterly beautiful town known for its symmetrical line of colourful houses by the river side.
  • Take the Bergen Railway up to the hill top and here you get to have your first taste of Norway’s beauty.
  • Enjoy your time in Bergen strolling the streets, visiting some really cute cafes and restaurants or simply shopping a little if you feel you have missed out on any essentials for the trip further.
  • Must visit restaurants (Italian) : RUCCOLA and PEPPES PIZZA.

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  • Today you drive to SOGNDAL and make the following pit stops on your way.
  • VOSS – A great place for adventure sports. Book in advance if you choose to do one.
  • TWINDERFOSSEN – A breathtaking waterfall, definitely not to be missed!
  • STALHEIM HOTEL – Stop over at this hotel for a tea break and enjoy the most spectacular views from its rear lobby for which it is famous!
  • FLAM – A village whose pictures you see on postcards with a train ride to take you up to see a majestic waterfall with great views on the way. You may choose to enjoy a cup of coffee in the beautiful lounge of the FLAM hotel on your way back.
  • UNDREDAL – A small village to stop over at, with seating by the side of the Norwegian fjords, your first close encounter with these majestic fjords! Try their wine and indulge in some delicious fudge as you get blown away by the beauty that lies in front of you.
  • STEGASTEIN POINT – Your only chance to gaze into eternity! You are going to be left mesmerised…
  • Arrive at your hotel in SOGNDAL. Hotel Recommendation – KWALITY HOTEL with an excellent Italian restaurant to enjoy your dinner.

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  • Uptil now you saw the fjords. Now, you are heading to see the most beautiful fjord in Norway. So brace yourself! But first, you stop over for some glaciers.
  • On your way to Geiranger from Sogndal, you’ll have the option of choosing to visit either Jostedal or Briksdal glacier. While Jostedal is more popular with activities like walking on the glacier, we chose Briksdal as with a young child we wouldn’t have been allowed those activities and because of the time constraint too.
  • BRIKSDAL GLACIER – A troll car and a short hike up takes you to this glacier and what lies ahead, you won’t believe! A photographers paradise, a painters heaven, a tourists dream… This particular sight was one of my most FAVOURITE EXPERIENCES ever! I was simply floating there with joy and all I wanted to do was stay a bit more longer, a bit more longer….
  • Next came the ferry ride to Geiranger. Did you know? In Norway, you drive your car straight into the ferry, park it in the ferry, step out on the deck to relax and simply drive out when you arrive at the next port!
  • The ferry ride was again a breathtaking experience as it took us through this gorgeous Geiranger fjord as we enjoyed coffee, berries and the stunning views of this beautiful country from its sun deck.

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  • On your way to Alesund, you stopover at ORNESVINGEN, another great view point.
  • Followed by the HERDALSSETRA farm where you walk among the sheep, goats and other farm animals in this extremely beautiful valley and enjoy some caramel making!
  • TROLLSTIGEN – Its amazing how the scenery changes in Norway due to its elongated shape as now you can see snow on the road side!
  • Strike some poses at this beautiful destination, build a snowman or enjoy a snow fight and then you head to ALESUND to recoil.

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  • Roam around this beautiful city and visit AKSLA – a view point at the mountain top.
  • Use this day to unwind from the travelling and to enjoy great food.
  • You may visit the aquarium too if you are travelling with kids.

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DAY 7 


  • Hop on and off ferry rides on your way to TRONDHEIM and on your way stop over at SKODJE, an old bridge. Look out for strawberry farms to pluck and enjoy some luscious berries.
  • Also, look out for a beach! Yesterday we were in snow and today we found a beach!
  • BUD – Another small village to stop over for some food and some more pretty views for pictures.
  • Finally the famous, ATLANTIC ROAD DRIVE! While in summers it looks like this…IMG-20170630-WA0143
  • If you happen to visit Norway in winter, thats how it would look!IMG-20170630-WA0146
  • Arrive at Trondheim, relax and fly off to your next destination or back home the next day as you relive your trip through your pictures…

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  • Must carry warm clothing, especially layers including water proof shoes, wind sheeter cum rain coats and warm caps. Where to shop? COLUMBIANA at ELANTE, Chandigarh or online.
  • While we were very lucky to experience great weather throughout the trip, be prepared for some rain at times.
  • If you are looking to see the Northern lights, then you will have to choose the colder months as you can’t see them in Summer.
  • If not fussed about Northern lights, summer is definitely a better time as it gives you long daylight hours as a tourist to travel and explore the country along with better weather.
  • If you are not travelling with kids, definitely include a hike up to the PULPIT ROCK in your itinerary too.
  • Be prepared to live out of a suitcase so pack intelligently with minimum luggage.
  • The hotel rooms as a rule of thumb are going to be small and you might have to carry your own luggage to your rooms, so again pack accordingly.
  • My suggestion : If 3 people are travelling, pack 3 suitcases with clothes for Day 1-2 for all 3 in one suitcase, Day 3-4 clothes in the second and the rest in the third so you have to take out just one suitcase at any one destination and not clutter your room.

Special thanks to Mr Sandesh, for his help and continuous support in helping us plan this trip.

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