Beautiful nails, gorgeous nails, STUNNING nails! If you are looking for such compliments this wedding season, here’s where you should go. A&A paid a visit to the POLISH NAIL SPA situated on Malhar Road to check out the latest trends in nail art and design and were thoroughly flattered with the following gorgeous works of art that we came out with.

While one of us chose the embossed ceramic look, the other went for Chrome! Thanks POLISH NAIL SPA. Its super gorgeous!

What we love about POLISH?



  1. Highly trained professionals to treat your nails and the finesse offered by POLISH surely sets it apart.
  2. Spacious and comfortable seating to make it an enjoyable experience with light music and beverages to relax your nerves and lift up your spirits.
  3. Innumerable design and style options to choose from along with infinite shades of nail paints! Its mind boggling to see what all can be done on nails!
  4. Manicure and Pedicure stations, if you are looking for just a relaxing afternoon to pamper yourself along with beautifying your hands and feet.

Now for the best part, OFFERS & DISCOUNTS

  1. HAPPY HOURS! Valuable discounts if you plan your visit during the happy hours. Here’s what they are :blog pic 1
  2. AMAZING FESTIVE PACKAGES! An opportunity not to let go off! Here’s what they are: blog pic 5

What’s more? Turn your passion into your career! POLISH offers certified training courses for those would like to take up their love for nails as a profession. Certificates of completion of training awarded by CUCCIO, one of the worlds largest professional nail care companies.

The above itself acquaints us of the level of service and training given to the staff practicing here at this NAIL SPA. To know more about these courses or to book your next appointment at POLISH, contact on the numbers below:

POLISH – A Nail Spa

+91 7837777745, 0161 4644645

6E/1 First Floor

Malhar Road, Sarabha Nagar



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