As a mother I am always looking out for interactive educational activities for my son, so a day at the Chattbirr Zoo in Zirakpur sounded a perfect outing for us as a family!

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This ZOO, inaugurated on 13 April 1977 by the then Governor of Punjab, has now become the largest zoo in Northern India.


Lion Safari : The whole experience of sitting in a bus with grills on it and then going in an enclosed area in the zoo is exciting and the cherry on the cake was to see lions and lioness leisurely walking around!

They have 14 points of visiting and they are all worth going to. From huge Hippopotamuses, White Tigers, White Dears, Cobra Snakes, Elephants, Crocodiles, Brown Bears to a whole section dedicated to Nocturnal animals, it does have a wide variety of animal life to offer and view upclose!




Golf Cart : Buy the golf cart ticket so that you have access to sit on their mini golf carts service which is available through out the Zoo for easy pick up and drop to various points of attractions. This is highly recommended by us as it is a huge property to cover on foot!

Healthy Snacks : Carry light snacks for kids as it can take easily 2 -3 hours to cover the entire Zoo. Especially refreshments like packed juices, water, fruit etc. There are snacking bars available inside the Zoo too!

Read up : It will be a great idea to read up a little to the kids about the animals they are going to see to make the trip more exciting and interesting for them. Quiz them on the way too!

Weather : With winter approaching, this is a great time to plan a visit. But do carry your hats, visors, shades, umbrellas etc. to protect yourself and the kids from too much sun exposure.

Ideal Picnic Destination : It’s an ideal picnic destination as the Zoo has many gardens for people to sit and enjoy. Pack your picnic food to double the fun!

Inform the kids not to tease or feed the animals : We need to teach our kids that when we are vising the Zoo we have to respect these animals and their power.

Sukhana Lake  – You may also choose to wind up the day with a relaxing boat ride at the Sukhana lake and enjoy the evening wind by the water.

Hope you and your family enjoy visting the Zoo as much as we did! Have a great day!



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