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We are working hard to bring to you the best of techniques and ways to make this Diwali really special for you and your family. Following our last post, today we would like to share with you some gorgeous Rangoli designs to try this Diwali! Below are some pics to replicate, including some border designs too to use along the walls.

If you are using this Rangoli making cone, easily available at any stationery shop, you would be able to make these designs with much more ease. You may also use things like katoris, toothpicks, cotton buds etc. to make these designs neater. Decorate with lots of diyas around and enjoy this festival of lights!

blog pic 90

Here are the designs…

blog pic 10

blog pic 93

blog pic 91

blog pic 95

blog pic 94

blog pic 92

Now for the borders along the walls…

blog pic 81

blog pic 99

blog pic 80

blog pic 20

Try them out and have a great Diwali!

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