If you want to make this Diwali special, you have to put in a little effort for sure and think out of the box! While tonnes and tonnes of expensive Diwali decoration items are available in the market to purchase, nothing beats these super simple DIY ideas that will make all the difference between you and your neighbours home! Spend this weekend to try out these very cool ideas and prep up beforehand to make your home shine and gleam this Diwali!


Fairy lights – I am personally a big fan of fairy lights! You can play with them in so many different magical ways to create that mystical, dreamy, divine look that changes the whole atmosphere around you.

Sew up colourful paper cups on a string and intertwine with a string of fairy lights. Use it to decorate walls, fences or doors.

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Doilies – Use white or paint colourful doilies and sew up on a string, intertwined with fairy lights again and use around the house.

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Another colourful way to make door and wall hangings. Collect colourful items lying around the house and stitch them up! You can sew up anything that you find pretty and colourful in the house!

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Find a nice tall cake stand. Make lots and lots of paper cones using colourful sheets of paper and what you’ll get is this gorgeous centrepiece to decorate your home entrance or to decorate a corner of the house. Spread around diyas to light up this piece.

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A traditional yet novel way to decorate home entrances would be using some copper utensils or gold diyas coupled with lush green leaves such as pan pattas and some flowers.

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Check out these gorgeous DIY Diyas. Do you think you can find something so pretty in the market? Follow the link below to read step by step instructions on how to make them.

How to make DIY paper diyas?

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Use items such as colourful bangles that you have dozens at home and place a tea light in the centre. What you get is a beautiful creative diya! Or stack up thin bangles and stick with glue and use similarly.

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If you have any leftover Karva chauth thalis, use them too! Fill up with potpourri or decorate like in the picture below.

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Roll colourful tape around tea lights and use them around the house and your rangoli.

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IDEA #10

Use bandhanwaars from last years decoration on floor to change the look! Decorate the sides of home with these instead of rangolis.

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Hope you like these really pretty ideas to try this Diwali! Try them out and do them in advance so that you can do them well!

Wishing all our readers a very happy Diwali!

Disclaimer : Ideas picked up from Pinterest and web images.

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