Is it just me? Or are you struggling to find great party clothes to cope up with this festive season too? So today we introduce you, to a new label that is fast making its mark in the city with its vibrant collections – dedicated to all the party lovers! SHIMR’AL! SHILPA MITTAL, the brains behind the brand, is a NIFT, Delhi post-graduate, who has very acutely embodied her great sense of fashion in her this seasons collection.

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What we love about it?

  1. Its very own unique designs and prints to maintain individuality and brand identity.
  2. Option to get your clothes customised to your taste and preferences.
  3. Centrally located so easily accessible.
  4. Personal attention to each client as working on appointments.
  5. Offering great options in party jackets (always hard to find) and dresses incorporating all the latest trends such as tassels, chains, use of ostrich feathers etc.
  6. Own in house design and production team offering great fabrics and styles.

Here are our top picks from SHIMR’AL’s this seasons collection… Check it out!

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Jackets, tweeds and more…
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Party shirts
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Glamorous dresses
blog pic 127
Sets – Dresses and jackets
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Shimmer it with Shimr’al…

To book an appointment, call :

blog pic 121Mittal Villa – 319 Dr Sham Singh Road

Civil lines, Ludhiana


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