In light of the current incidents, I am sure every parent is trying to take every measure possible to enhance the security of their child. We too have something to share, that might help you to add on to their safety levels!

THE SANT WISSEN WATCH – Locator watch for kids

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The first time I came across this watch was on my nephew, AVYAAN’S, wrist. Gifted to him by his mother, MEGHA GARG, on his birthday, this watch surely is a great technological breakthrough that can help you amp up the safety of your child through its numerous useful features. Thanks so much Megha Di for sharing such useful piece of information with our readers!


  • 2- WAY CALLING – Your kid can call three pre-registered numbers only with a push-button. Only authorized numbers can call your kid´s phone watch.
  • POSITIONING – GPS and LBS send your child´s position to your SantWatcher application. You can always keep an eye on your child from anywhere, anytime.
  • SOS BUTTON – Pressing the SOS-button on the SantWatch triggers an alert message on the SantWatcher application and alerts the guardian of the last recorded location of the child. The SantWatch automatically starts calling the pre-set numbers till the call gets answered.
  • WRIST-OFF DETECTOR – Whenever the watch is intentionally or unintentionally removed from the child’s wrist, the guardian receives an alert.
  • GEO FENCING – Every time your child steps out of this safety area, you receive an alert on your smartphone.
  • WALKIE TALKIE – Exchange voice messages with your child without paying anything extra!!
  • ABNORMAL COLLISION DETECTION – Want to ensure everything is okay with your naughty brat? Set up the Collision Detector with 4 different impact levels ranging from slight to serious!
  • SILENT MONITOR – In case you sense danger to your child and want to be sure that it isn’t a false alarm, activate a silent monitoring command. Doing this, you’ll be able to hear what is happening in the background without your child having to accept your call.
  • CONTINUOUS LOCATION – Be sure your child is on the right way.
  • PEDOMETER – Let us show them playfully the importance of exercise and how healthy daily walking is.
  • BT CHILD ACCOMPANY – You will be alerted whenever your kid leaves a 10-15 m radius – whether you are in a park or a mall

So if your child is capable of handling a watch, the next thing that you need to do is to visit the following website and order one.

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Wishing all our kids a safe and bright future!

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