Engaging kids in productive play is always one of the biggest challenges faced by the new age mothers. So naturally somebody came up with a superb idea to tackle this problem.

Today we would like to tell you about FLINTOBOX!


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Flintobox is an award-winning and age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered to your doorstep every month! Each box is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way. With a new theme every month, this research-based box is crafted by Montessori experts and child psychologists, and caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

What we love about it?

  • A NEW set of toys received every month that is age appropriate and theme based.
  • Simple yet fun activities to engage kids.
  • Extremely travel friendly packaging – A box packed with 3-5 cloth bags, each with individual games inside to easily carry on your holidays too!
  • No hassle of buying new toys or giving in to the tantrums of kids to buy new toys every other day.
  • Keep reusing time and time again.
  • Something for your kids to look forward to every month!

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NOTE : You may want to try boxes of an age group older as well, in case, the box of your child’s current age group is not challenging enough.

How to order?

Simply log on to their website below, choose your child’s age group and subscribe!


Have a great day!

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