Theme kitties are always the most fun! Not only do they add a great twist to the regular kitty routine, they also always win the most appreciation for the host.

Today, I would like to share with you some pictures and ideas of a theme kitty that I recently attended which completely blew me away! The whole idea, conceptualisation of the idea and the amazing attention to detail put into this kitty was definitely worth sharing and learning from! The Host, Mrs Manisha Oswal (The Oswal family), to me Manisha Chachi, was the most delightful host who left no stone unturned in justifying the theme completely. Thanks so much Manisha chachi for inviting us over for such a wonderful experience. We are always going to remember this kitty!



blog pic 152

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WELCOME RITUAL: Tilak and a gorgeous bracelet of white gajra flowers with south Indian instrumental music playing in the pic 156


DRESS CODE FOR STAFF! This was so well done…

blog pic 161
Staff serving the welcome drink made of kokum

DECOR : Ample of use of banana tree leaves, fresh flowers, South Indian tea lamps and fragrances transporting you straight to the South.

blog pic 173



FOOD : A wonderful spread starting with a refreshing welcome drink made of ‘kokum’, a warm ‘bread and dahi ki tikki’ starter, followed by South Indian delicacies for the main course – Masala dosa, Sambhar and Appam with a delicious vegetable stew. With great servings of some very well prepared homemade chutneys, banana chips and poppadums and brilliant use of hints of gunpowder in the food, it surely was a kings size feast for the guests.

blog pic 159

blog pic 160

DESSERT AND TEA/COFFEE : Ice cream served in steel katoris placed over blocks of ice in a huge parat and South Indian pan (From Sagar Ratna). And for the finale, South Indian tea and coffee served in colourful glasses surely completed our trip around the southern half of our nation!

blog pic 174

blog pic 155

What a delightful meal this was, the memory of which still makes my mouth water! I hope you enjoyed reading it too!

Ta da!


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